Weekly Reading

Over The Week (July 23 – July 29)

Another week of absolutely amazing reading (and watching)! OWLS have a really strong message with the posts mentioned in this week and I came across two posts from my reading that I wanted to share with you all too. Have a look and, as always, share if you have anything you want to showcase too!

Over The Week (June 5 – June 11)

There's more amazing posts for you to read this week. This week contains a post talking about the women in Log Horizon, an in-depth look at a scene from Ergo Proxy, a review of Code Realize, a personal post about living in Nagoya, thoughts on purchasing physical copies of anime, and a post on clickbait titles.

Over The Week (May 29 – June 4)

This week's picks compare Wuthering Heights to Aoi Hana, look at the connection the viewer has to anime, attempt to define the Iyashikei genre, show us a cherry blossom festival, remind us our tastes change, and take us to the world of Madoka Magica.