She And Her Cat -Everything Flows-

She and Her Cat is told from the perspective of Daru, a black cat, as he watches his owner cope with life as a college student trying to find her way. A short series that had me in tears while I sat watching it at work.


Chaos;Child is at an end and it was a bumpy ride. The final impression was soured by a run of bad episodes towards the end of the series, but an overview of all the episode review scores shows it wasn't too bad on a week by week basis.


I was recently recommended Erased to watch by a friend and after finishing Yuri!!! on Ice I was ready for another series to watch in my lunch breaks at work.

Yuri!!! on Ice

It took a while to get around to watching Yuri!!! on Ice, but the experience was enjoyable with some elements standing out. This post recaps what I found most enjoyable across the entire season. A review of the entire season.