March Madness

Woah, it’s April. So I need to do my March round up post!

March has been, well, totally insane. Work has been crazy busy (but exciting the whole time), and I had a trip abroad to Munich for another consortium meeting. I’m feeling a lot more confident about attending those. It helps when you feel like you know what you’re talking about.

Wedding wise, we’ve sent out invites and begun receiving back the RSVPs. It’s pretty exciting to see them come in. We asked people for songs they’d like played so it’s nice to see our playlist building up too!


Sword Art Online

It took a long time to get around to watching SAO. It seemed to be a very love it or hate it thing. And a lot of what I saw around the anisphere seemed to hate on SAO.

To be honest, I’m not sure why.

I loved the first half of this series. Asuna was taking care of herself and Kirito was flawed but had his reasons. Something went wrong in the second half though. There was a sudden increase of fan service that did not seem necessary.

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Tales of Vesperia

I’ve not got much further than the 5 hour mark but I am still enjoying this game. I’m on the cusp of gaining another party member.

As always with these games, it’s not really started until you have your complete party set!


Assassin’s Apprentice Farseer Trilogy #1

This book starts as an unnamed boy is dropped off at his father’s doorstep. It’s delivered to you in first person by the boy, known throughout as Fitz. One thing I adore about this book is the use of that perspective. As it’s through the eyes of Fitz, there are particular events that appear ordinary and everyday, but actually hold the key to some of what happens later.

No matter how many times I read this book, I constantly find something new in it. Whether it’s discovering more bias from Fitz, understanding the events a bit more, or just appreciating the flaws of the characters.

24 February 2019 – 18 March 2019
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That’s a lot less reading and gaming! Probably because I’ve also been watching Buffy: The Vampire Slayer a lot in the evenings. Maybe I need to add a TV section too?

See you at the end of April!

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