Tales of Vesperia: 5 Hours In

Well, in my February Round-Up I promised you a 5-hour review of Tales of Vesperia. Here we go!

To begin, it’s worth knowing that Tales of Vesperia -Definitive Edition- is a remake that was originally released for the Xbox 360 in 2009. It was the first Tales game that I ever played, but one I never got very far in.


Either I’m now very use to how the Tales series plays, or they’ve improved the tutorial in this edition. I struggled with understanding it the first time around; whereas now I’ve just had another tutorial battle unlocking the limit gauge system. In addition, I’m no longer struggling with the battles or understanding how it works. I’ve not yet reached the point where I was blocked on the 360 version, but I’m not far away.

Part of this improvement may be down to my understanding of the skills system. Compared to Tales of Zesteria this system is a breeze – but then that was one of the most confusing ones for me, so far. The skills system is very similar to Tales of Berseria, in that you have skills on your equipment and you learn them, over time, as long as the associated weapon is equipped.

Where it differs, however, is afterwards. I don’t recall having to select which skills to turn on in Tales of Berseria. This is definitely one of the current tactics at play in Tales of Vesperia. Although it’s definitely beneficial to unlock as many skills as possible, you can only have so many active at once – determined by the character’s available SP. You get free skills if they’re attached to your weapon too.

Repede is so cute!

Characters & Story

So far I have 5 characters in my party. Yuri, Estellise, Repede, Karol, and Rita. The latter has only been in my party for about 15 minutes. There’s no big save the world plot line and it is rather similar to Tales of Berseria in that it feels very much like everyone is just banding together because their current interests align.

We don’t have much backstory about any of them; Yuri has the most and, although I can guess at Estellise’s, it feels as though the game has a twist on its way with Estelle’s story.

Compare to all of the others I’ve played, but maybe with the exception of Tales of Xillia 2, the story feels the weakest of them all. Yuri is hunting a blastia thief and Estelle wants to find Flynn. It’s the exact same as it has been since the first playable moment but I’m sure it’ll change, or at least evolve.

Current Ranking

Skill System

  1. Tales of Beseria
  2. Tales of Xillia
  3. Tales of Vesperia
  4. Tales of Xillia 2
  5. Tales of Graces
  6. Tales of Zesperia


  1. Tales of Zesperia
  2. Tales of Beseria
  3. Tales of Xillia
  4. Tales of Graces
  5. Tales of Vesperia
  6. Tales of Xillia 2


  1. Tales of Zesperia
  2. Tales of Beseria
  3. Tales of Xillia
  4. Tales of Xillia 2
  5. Tales of Vesperia
  6. Tales of Graces

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