February Closes

As February comes to an end, so comes another update post! This month has seen all sorts of changes in my work life as well as updates to my personal life too.

So let’s get work out of the way first. I’ve taken on a lot more responsibility at work. I’m thoroughly enjoying it – even though I keep finding new elements of it that I didn’t get told about. That’s accompanied by an immediate gut reaction freak out. But once those calm down things get a lot better.

In terms of work trips, this month has seen one booked for March. Munich, here I come! I’ve not had any travel so far this year, something I’ve appreciated given the team leader-ish role I’ve taken on.

As for personal life, February saw me buy my wedding dress (on Valentine’s Day!). In addition to this, I also bought the bridesmaid dresses (on the same day) and have the invitations ordered! November is coming around super fast.


Project Hospital

The tutorial was good but there was a massive step up to the campaign! Now I’ve learnt how it generally works, I need to go back and play more.

At the start of the month, I was really looking for a simulator game and ended up playing this on Steam.

Tales of Vesperia

On the 18th of February, I bought myself Tales of Vesperia for the Nintendo Switch.

I’m only 4 hours in but I plan on doing some reviews every 5 hours or so; expect one soon.

I am really enjoying it, enough that I started again once the realisation that I’d missed some skits hit!

Book Reviews for February 2019

Magic Rises Kate Daniels #6

This book has been the absolutely pinnacle of the series, so far. It’s the one I remember the most of, the one I think the most about and the one that surprised me the most.

Almost all of the Kate novels try to have some sort of twist and this has been the only one that actually surprised me. Now, we don’t get all the information, only what Kate knows, but some of this I wouldn’t have suspected in a million years!

I thoroughly enjoyed this book all the way through.

6th February 2019 – 7th February 2019
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Magic Breaks Kate Daniels #7

Once again, this book took me to places I didn’t expect. In terms of twists, there was less than the previous book and I had already figured out the majority of them.

This is the one time I feared for Kate’s life, even though I knew that there were more books to come.

I enjoyed getting to know more about Ghastek and I hope the trials faced here pay off in future books with a more complex relationship between the characters.

7th February 2019 – 9th February 2019
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Magic Shifts Kate Daniels #8

Although I still enjoyed this book, and I read it fairly quickly, it was missing a little spark that the ones I rates 5 star had.

Part of it was the lack of fear that I had for the characters in danger. The series hasn’t held back from killing off some characters, but I never felt like there was a risk of that happening this time around.

There was also the matter of the vision that was given to us early on, mentioned once more, and then seemingly never really came about.

I’ll read the next one because I’m nearly at the intersection point with Hugh’s novel but I don’t have that “must read now” feeling.

10th February 2019 – 14th February 2019
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Top Tips for Brides

A quite sweet little book. The after the wedding tips seem the most useful, but after the wedding I may feel different. I really liked the quotes but it would’ve been nice if the tips started earlier than the night before the wedding.

14th February 2019
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Magic Binds Kate Daniels #9

Finally! After over a month of reading Kate Daniels, I hit the one right before the Hugh Novel.

It took me a bit longer to read this book that some of the others and I’m not really sure whether it was burn out or because I feel Kate’s story is actually coming to an end.

The one thing I absolutely adored in this, was the characters gaining age. As they’ve gone through the series they’ve aged. Alongside this, their responsibilities have changed too; some including new children.

I loved the end of this book more than any other.

14th February 2019 – 20th February 2019
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Magic Triumphs Kate Daniels #10


Conlan is really, really cute and I loved the scenes that he was in. But interestingly I felt as though this book didn’t really get started until Hugh showed up and by then the book was almost over.

This was supposed to be about Kate, and in some ways it really was. There was a few epic scenes but, again, all near the end of the book. In fact, it’s the end that makes this four stars and not three.

Would I return for a book 11? I’m not sure. I feel as though this book misses out massive events that aren’t even covered in Hugh’s book and that was a very strange experience.

I’m definitely looking forward to Hugh’s second one; even more so after the events of this book.

20th February 2019 – 24th February 2019
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So another month and the year is passing by so quick! I expect my reading to slow down a little now that I’m through that series. I’m currently planning on re-reading Robin Hobb and I need to make time to rediscover His Dark Materials before the new one is released in October.

See you all in March, though hopefully a little sooner.

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