Godchild – Vol 1

Welcome, welcome, to a new type of review: a manga review! I’ve dabbled in these in the past, but now I’ve got my anime reviews a little more polished, I’m hoping that experience will also help my manga reviews! Without further ado, today we dive into the world of Godchild Vol 1.


Nursery Rhyme title cards!

This story is written by Yuki, Kaori and set in Victorian London. Each chapter is based on a nurse rhyme or childhood story. For example, this volume contained both an Alice in Wonderland theme and a Baa, Baa, Black Sheep theme.

While keeping fairly true to the rhyme, the story provides a darker twist. As you can imagine, this gives you both horror and supernatural aspects.

On top the horror and supernatural elements, there’s also a sense of mystery that appears in two separate ways. On the one hand, each chapter has its own mystery in a detective-investigation way. Cases of whodunnit or finding the truth behind the facade. The characters themselves are mysterious, however, and there is a past alluded to throughout this volume.

According to the inset, this series is a sequel to The Cain Saga but I can confidently inform you that you don’t lose out by not having read that story. Within the first volume you’ll be introduced to all of the main characters anything you need to know of their background is told to you. Most of the mysterious background surrounds the main character Cain but, so far, the chapter this volume has dedicated to that was more than sufficient.


The characters are quite compelling and individual. As I said before, this series is technically a sequel but this volume introduces them all naturally too. If you ever forget the first page gives you an overview of all the main characters.

Mary Weather is quite young

As the story moves along each chapter gives you a little bit more insight into their personality and their lives. I’m not a big fan of Cain’s sister, Mary Weather as this volume has firmly fallen into the territory of her primary purpose being someone for Cain to rescue.

Mary Weather does get some of her own development, and not every female is in need to rescuing. Though there’s not a main male victim within this volume, it didn’t seem a conscious choice that the victims were primarily female. We’ll see if future volumes would keep this going.

The reason why it didn’t seem a conscious choice for female victims is that we got a representation of female villains too. Those villains weren’t particularly focused on stereotypical female aims either.


I do like these little excerpts

As you read the story, your eyes are carefully lead from one pane to another. Even people fairly new to the manga style would find it easy to follow the right to left mode of reading. The panels are carefully placed and the action flows between them.

Even when there’s a lot of text on the panes, it never feels too crowded and the art, also by Yuki, Kaori, supplements the story well.

I really liked the little inserts that go alongside the story. They give a little bit of insight into why that particular nursery rhyme or short story was chosen. It really adds a personal aspect to the manga and brings you a bit closer to the story.


I really enjoyed this volume and look forward to seeing where the story goes so you can expect a second volume review in the future.

If you want to read this yourself then you’ll probably enjoy it if you’re a fan of Black Butler. In fact, you might enjoy it even if you’re not as this story moves faster than Black Butler did.

On the off chance that you’re new to manga, or want to get back into it, then this is one of my recommendations. It’s a nice, easy read while still having enough entertainment and pull to get you going from one chapter to another without a break. I read it much quicker than I expected!

I started reading Godchild Volume 1 on December 30, 2017 and finished it December 31, 2017. The version I read was published on March 7, 2006 by VIZ Media LLC and I borrowed it from my local library.

3 thoughts on “Godchild – Vol 1”

  1. The Godchild Saga is my favorite Kaori Yuki series, I read the other Cain series too but it doesn’t beat this one. There is something about this one that is more twisted about it. Can’t wait to read your other post about the other volumes.

    1. I was surprised how much I enjoyed it, to be honest. The cover reminded me a lot of Black Butler so I was concerned I might not like it. Instead it’s got me thinking about giving BB another chance.

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