End of January Update!

So, here we are again. It’s not been that long since I wrote my new year post detailing my plans and aspirations going forward into 2018. I thought it would be fairly simple to do reviews. But then I realised, I only want to review the things I enjoy. I don’t want to be reviewing every last thing I read or watch.

What Does This Mean?

When I got back to work, things kick-started with a bang. I’ve had marking to do, a trip to Greece coming up, and new projects to get involved in. All in all, I’ve barely had evening and weekends I’ve been that busy. Let alone time to watch anime.

Two posts over the last week or so reminded me that blogging is supposed to be something I enjoy. Not just something I feel obliged to do and focusing on just reviews is beginning to feel like a chore.

Irina says how I’ve been feeling really, really well in her post: “If some days you ask yourself why you’re still doing this. You could be playing games or just enjoying shows for the fun of it. I’m not going to make you keep going if you don’t want to, but man, I’m going to miss you!” 

I don’t want to leave, however. I just need to find a way to recoup what I enjoy into this blog. More than just reviews. There’s where the second post comes in.

Zel wrote about her start in anime blogging and how she found a way to combine what she loves with anime. “It got me so excited, that I started drafting ideas for my blog. Why not do both?”  Why not indeed! This post, specifically, got me thinking about what I enjoy. What is it that’s important to me that I want to focus on.

The Past Helps Shape The Future!

With those posts inspiring me, I started to think about what I’d enjoyed writing the most. As tough as it was I really enjoyed the posts on the Tomb Raider game; equality in the writing , characters, and feminism tests. It made me think about the entire game in a new light. I also loved my piece on Welcome to the Ballroom, though I think it could use some refining and less spur-of-the-moment.

I enjoy psychology, enough that I’m a year into studying a level 3 diploma and thinking of doing a second degree. I’m passionate about equal representation and I plan to combine those with anime and manga.

I will probably still have review pieces and I’m enjoying writing up my visual novel experiences, but it’s time to go to the place I want to be. A place I’ve been too scared to step into. So I’m going to start a new series. Maybe two. I can’t decide if it’ll be entitled “Women in…” or “Psychology of…” or maybe both!

As for the time scale of these. Consistency will go out of the window. At this moment in time I cannot dedicate enough time to watch and write to a time line. I hope to have at least one of post a month but it may just be a visual novel update or a review rather than a series piece. To make up for this lack of blog updates I will likely be more active on twitter so feel free to follow me there!

I hope you can look forward to this new series and see you when the next post comes around!

4 thoughts on “End of January Update!”

  1. I Really look forward to this new series. I just discovered those thomb raider posts and they were awesome. Thank you so much for the shout out and even more so for mentioning me in the same post as Zel. I’m hoping to get some lovliness by association. I hope you let us kno ho your trip went eventually

    1. Thanks Irina, and you deserve loveliness all by yourself, let alone by association! I will definitely let you know how my trip goes, it’s a solo business trip so I’ve no doubt I’ll be tweeting for company.

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