2018 Goals & Aspirations

A new year is always that time when people try to change themselves a bit. In the past I’ve done a load of new year resolutions and none have ever stuck. I’ve also done a load of challenges that I’ve not completed. I just want to detail some of the things I want to achieve here so I can review at the end of the year.

2018 Blog Plans

I want to write more frequently so I’ll detail some of things you can expect.

Series Reviews
I want to write about all the anime I watch this year. Even if I drop something I’d like to have a post detailing why I dropped it.

Manga Reviews
I want to read more manga, and write about it too. I always intended to write about manga here and after a year of anime writing I think now is the time to introduce it.

Feminist Pieces
I want to write more about thoughtful insight pieces. My post on female characters in welcome to the ballroom still does well and I’d like to do more like it. Feminism is important to me, especially the depiction of female characters. I want to do more than just berate the bad. I also want to try to praise and showcase the good.

2018 Personal Plans

I plan on bringing a bit more of myself to this blog and twitter. I don’t mean that it’ll become a personal diary but sometimes that touch can really help enhance a post.

That said, I do have some personal goals to share with you.

Do something that scares me
Last year I started a new job and took my first business trip to Budapest. This year I’m already going to be fulfilling this: I’m going on my first solo business trip to Greece. I’m terrified but also pretty excited.

Exercise more
I want to be fitter, I have for a while.  In 2017 I started bouldering so I want to do that more regularly in 2018. I’m also trying to do more yoga and start blogilates. I treated myself to a new Fitbit (Charge HR) and seeing how much heart rate changes is really inspiring. I also want to get the Fitbit Aria scales so I can set my goals to be more than just lose weight.

Remember what makes me, me
I always find that my priorities change over time; the time I spend on activities, the genres I read or watch, or play. I often find I let something I enjoy slip to the side and struggle to pick up that piece of myself. I really want a more balanced 2018. I made really good progress with this in 2017 and felt so much better for it, I really want to continue that.

2018 Anime Plans

Simple, I want to watch at least two seasonal anime, each season.
I also want to have one anime on the go that’s already finished airing.

Do you have anything that you specifically want out of 2018?


5 thoughts on “2018 Goals & Aspirations”

  1. I wish you the best of luck in achieving your 2018 goals!

    It may be easier to tear down a show for being problematic, but praising a series that gets things right should be rewarding, too.

    Bouldering! And going on a solo trip to Greece! Sounds like you have a very exciting year in store for you.

    Go get ’em, Andrea!

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