Sangatsu no Lion Thoughts

In July of this year, I finished watching the first season of Sangatsu no Lion. It prompted me to try a new style of anime reviewing, one that I’ve enhanced since, in order to do it justice. I adored the first season and looked forward to the second season. Still, there was that little voice in the back of my head saying “What if it’s not as good?”

A High Bar

My expectations were high going in. I was excited, hyped, full of joy at the thought of revisiting Rei and the Kawamoto sisters. Then the first episode hit and I dived back in.

I came out the other side different.

See, I had forgotten that Sangatsu no Lion isn’t an easy show to watch. It hits on the hard subjects, it makes you feel, it makes you hurt. The good news is that the second season has been just as powerful and just as compelling as the first season. Just don’t forget that this isn’t a show all about the roses.Every day is a struggle for Rei and even though it might be slightly easier for him than the first season, it’s over.

The Kawamoto sisters are my favourite characters, by far.

Warning Signs

The second season is added more life to the side characters. Hina and Nikaidou have had so much development over the past 10 episodes. In particular we’ve discovered a lot about Nikaidou’s history, while Hina is suffering now in the present.

Seeing Rei look after Hina and worry for her is by far the best part of this show for me. We still have some shogi tournaments too, which is a key player in Sangatsu no Lion, but Rei’s life is more than his shogi now. The show does a wonderful job of showing us that balance.

I was very concerned that Hina’s problems would boil down to “man saves the day” but so far that isn’t the case, and I’m glad. Sangatsu no Lion has always told us the harsh truth behind the problems it showcases. Not every problem can be solved by another person. Not every problem can be solved full stop. Sometimes you have to give things time and all you can do is watch and be there because you can’t fix it.

Still Good

The second season of Sangatsu no Lion is still just as good as its first. Every week I’m excited to see where we’re going to go and each week it also takes me by surprise. It play with my feelings, kicks me when I’m down, and doesn’t give me that “feel good” factor.

I wouldn’t have it any other way.

You know how sometimes when you’re really upset but can’t cry and watching a really sad film just helps you release those emotions? Sangatsu no Lion has been that for me while at the same time promising me that things will get better. Another day will come, we will keep making it through, and one day it will be less painful.

These images are from the OP and when put with the song just invokes all the feelings

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