The Hype Surrounding Steins;Gate

Ah yes, Steins;Gate. You’ve heard of it, haven’t you? Even if you can’t say what it’s about, you at least recognise the name and nod in recognition. Maybe you’ve watched it or played the visual novel already. If not, is it on your plan to watch list? Do you intend to pick up the visual novel? Have you given in to the hype?

Hype is overrated

I gave in to the hype and I can’t tell you why everyone raves about Steins;Gate so much. I chose to go for the visual novel after reading review, after review, after review about how amazing Steins;Gate was. I specifically chose the VN over the anime as I wanted something to plan on my vita. I don’t think I’ve ever been more disappointed.

Not one of those reviews described to me how intensely boring the scientific aspect of this novel would be. Neither did I get informed of how much I would hate the main character. When you consider that most VN’s are supposed to have to player as the main character that’s a pretty impressive feat in itself.

Visual Novel vs Anime?

It doesn’t help that one of the key aspects of the visual novel could be better designed. Seriously, who thought it was a good idea to not be able to preview the message you’re about to send?! So I wonder if just seeing those choices play out might make for a better experience. But then I remember that I hate the main character and I can’t see any way that the anime could help on that?

It’s possible that the anime has better pacing than the visual novel. I adored the start, as in the prologue, and all the mystery surrounding it, but somewhere it lost that. It’s like it tried to be too scientific without actually doing anything. I’m on chapter two, so I really haven’t got very far and the majority of that time I’ve been fast forwarding through all the words just trying to get to the point where something happens. Something more than a banana.

Sometimes it’s not for you.

I might give the anime a go and see if it’s just me not getting on with the visual novel, but I don’t really hold out much hope. Hype is a weird thing and for now I’ll keep skipping chunks to try to find the pull and sit here wondering ‘What did I miss? Why does everyone else have a different experience?’

So remember, the next time you have that sensation of missing out on something, that it’s not just you. Almost everyone will experience that sense of confusion over something.

Sometimes it’s not for you.

And that’s okay.

2 thoughts on “The Hype Surrounding Steins;Gate”

  1. I’m someone who liked the anime but hated the visual novel.

    Not to say that the show would make any of my top 10 lists, and in truth, I forget it exists sometimes. That said it is far more enjoyable to watch than to read. I agree that the characters are far more obnoxious and distasteful in the VN, and the technobabble isn’t necessary. Although maybe it’s still not worth your time, since you now know the story and all the plot twists.

    1. I might give the first few episode a go and see how it fares. I have a bit more hope of enjoying it now that I know you had a similar experience. Just need to find time for it…

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