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Whoopsie, here we go! Looks like we’ve got a few unedited, on the day, posts coming your way. Luckily, most are just “thoughts” but think of it as another way to get to know me! For one of my posts in 12 Days of Anime, I wanted to talk about The Ancient Magus’ Bride. It’s not finished yet, we’re 11 episodes into a two cour seasons; just under half way.

After the amazing three episode OVA, The Ancient Magus’ Bride had a lot to live up to. Unfortunately it dropped something near the start of the season. I think the use of the word “bride” – which has yet to be cleared up – really put a lot of people off this wonderful story. It’s getting close to resolving this issue, at the very least it recently showed how immature Elias actually is and other misunderstandings that he has had in the past.

Chise & Self Confidence

Chise is a character that had taken a long time to reach the highs of the OVA. Its not surprising that some people were put off by the difference between the OVA and the series.  It wasn’t until around episode 7 that Chise really started to believe in herself. It’s finally starting to get to the point where people are saying to her “Be yourself. Stop relying on other people and hiding behind them.”

Seven episodes is really too long to expect people to wait for a glimpse of the person Chise could be. If it wasn’t for the OVA and reassurances that it would get better, there’s a high chance I would have stopped a lot earlier too. As it is, from episode 7 onwards the series has only gone from strength to strength.

An Overview of Thoughts

Since the show started with a three episode OVA, it started off really weak in comparison. If you’ve dropped it and want to pick it back up, I recommend skipping to Episode 7. Ruth is finally introduced and it begins a three episode arc where you’ll get a glimpse of the ‘new’ Chise.

I think the start of the season may have been very different if you hadn’t seen the OVA. If you hadn’t already experienced that powerful story detailing Chise’s back story it probably would have seemed stronger. As it was we already knew about Ruth, had seen Elise and Chise closer, met Silky and had some indication that Chise survived that dark past.

I’m really looking forward to the second cour, but they could do with clearing up that “bride” aspect. With the growth of both characters in the last few episodes it’ll either be soon or they’ll just forget about it altogether.

2 thoughts on “Ancient Magus’ Bride Thoughts”

  1. Interesting post.

    It’s not just this “bride” business I find is particularly problematic – I think it’s the fact no one’s explained Silky/Silver yet, and that’s my biggest gripe that I can’t seem to find an explanation for. She seems an interesting character only because she’s so everpresent in the daily lives of Chise and Elias (when they’re not away from home, of course), and the fact she’s even in the MahoYome shorts sometimes makes her a character I would like to know more about.

    1. That’s true! I feel as though I know a bit about Silky, but some of that might just be things I’ve heard about not what I’ve watched. She is quite interesting and I’m quite sure we’ll get to her.

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