A Year of Anime

I can’t believe I actually made it and posted once a day, every day, for twelve days! When I started this I really anticipated dropping out very early on. Instead, I managed to push through. Even with less than ideal things happening I planned, wrote in advance, and scheduled to this point. For this post, I wanted to take you through my year in anime. Before that, however:

Merry Christmas


I only started watching anime in 2016 and, as luck would have it I finished both series in January 2017. This means they can get an honourable feature in this post! These anime were the first I ever watched and will probably always stay with me.

Poco’s Udon World

January 11

Yuri!!! on Ice

January 20



SP: ChäoS;Child Episode 0

January 20

SP: Fate/Grand Order: First Order

January 22


Absolutely nothing to mention here whatsoever!


No anime were started during Feburary, so we jump straight onto March. By now I was in full swing of seasonal anime watching!


March 29


March 31

Twin Star Exorcists



A glance will probably tell you, but April was the month when I realised dropping something was not failure. There was nothing to be gained by sitting through three months of a show I wasn’t enjoying!

Clockwork Planet


Hinako Note



May was a month where I’d been doing episode reviews and those were tough! I’m not sure I’ll do episode reviews again. I also started watching some anime that had finished airing and those are the ones finished this month. I also started Haruhi this month and recap episodes are irritating!

Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid

May 13

SP: March Comes in like a Lion Recap

May 14

SP: Tsuki ga Kirei Recap

May 19

The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya



Another month, more and more anime! A lot of the spring anime series ended this month, though some have only just had their reviews written! I think I’ve covered most series that I’ve finished but at least this’ll let me know if I’m missing anything. I also tried to do an anime challenge which did fail.

March Comes in like a Lion

June 20

The Royal Tutor

June 21

Tsuki ga Kirei

June 30

The Morose Mononokean


Idol Memories



We’re over halfway through the post and sorry if you’re thinking “this is a long one with barely any actual content”. Scroll to the end or just click away, it’s okay! July is quite an interesting month as the Summer season was starting. I’m not sure I finished any of the shows I started.

Restaurant to Another World




Welcome to the Ballroom





Anime wise we can skip August, however this month I started a new job! It was super exciting but meant my writing really got put on the back burner. Anime watching dropped off this month for that reason too.


My favourite month because it’s my birthday month! Things we getting back into a routine for me. For a short time anyway. I got to watch some anime again, mainly finishing series.

The Ancient Magus’ Bride
Those Awaiting a Star

September 17

Sakura Quest

September 20

91 Days



October shook my status quo up again as I went on my first business trip. As I headed off to Budapest, the time on the plane and in the hotel room let me watch more anime! I’d finally got a bit of rhythm back with watching anime.

The Ancient Magus’ Bride


Scum’s Wish

October 28

March Comes in like a Lion
Season 2



I tried my hardest to complete NaNoWriMo to get back in the swing of writing. I had a few OWLS posts during my time off from writing, but it hadn’t been quite enough to bring my blog back to life.


I may not have completely NaNoWriMo but a lot of what I wrote formed the basics for many of these 12 Days of Anime posts! We now reach the last month of anime. Considering that I’m barely a year into anime watching I’d say I’ve covered a lot of ground!

Recovery of an MMO Junkie

December 9

SP: Recovery of an MMO Junkie

December 14

Princess Principal


On to 2018

Going into 2018 I take a few ongoing series with me.

  • The Ancient Magus’ Bride
  • March Comes in like a Lion Season 2
  • 91 Days
  • The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
  • Princess Principal

I always want to pick up some more manga and start writing volume reviews during 2018. I don’t plan to do a lot at once, maybe one a month or every two weeks to begin with. If I can have a bit of a backlog that would be nice. 12 Days of Anime has taught me that scheduling posts is a really good idea.

I hope you somewhat enjoyed my final post of this 12 Days, and probably of this year. Any new writing will be 2018 content.

Merry Christmas to you all and a happy new year!

4 thoughts on “A Year of Anime”

  1. Wow, I love being able to see your progress in 2017 like this. Hearing your thoughts on anime and your situation in life really ties the post together and made it a great read.

    I still am surprised that you picked up anime in 2016. I remember nodding my head when I first read your blog and thinking “this person sure knows what she’s talking about.” And I still think you do! Experience doesn’t define everything, after all.

    Anyways, it sounds like you had an exciting year for anime and in real life. It pains me to see that you had to drop several shows in the summertime, but at least it saved you time and doesn’t seem to have deterred you away from this wonderful medium.

    I hope 2017 draws to a peaceful conclusion for you. See you in 2018!

    1. Thanks Remy!

      Before I started focusing on anime, I did about six months worth of tv episode reviews, game, and book reviews. I think that helped cement my focuses before I moved onto anime. Aside from that I’ve been writing in one form or anything for 14 years.

      It’s been a very turbulent year in life and anime! I’m actually really glad I dropped those summer shows. It helped me realise that dropping something wasn’t a weak thing to do.

      I hope you’ve had a good Christmas that the new year brings good things for you! Roll on 2018!

  2. I’d agree with all your dropped anime. I don’t think you’ve missed out on anything. Not real contentions with the anime you’ve seen either.

    I didn’t realize you went to Budapest. I hope I just never knew, not that I forgot about it!

    Congratulations on finishing the series. It’s hard work, and I’m glad you stuck it through to the end. Same again next year? 😀

    1. I think I kept it fairly quiet! It was about a week into my new job I got told I was going so it was really daunting. My next stop is Greece in Feb.

      I definitely want to do the same again next year! This really helped me rekindle my blog and hopefully 2018 will bring more scheduled posts to it. They’re super powerful!

      I hope things went well for you too. I saw you finished too but I’ve loads to catch up on so keep an eye out for my hovering.

      Hope Christmas has been good for you and 2018 brings good things! See you then!

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