Summer Week 5: Crunchyroll Anime Reactions

It’s Summer Week 5 and time for the Crunchyroll Anime Updates where I sum up my weekly viewing experience and thoughts on the anime season.

This post is focused on the anime I watch through Crunchyroll. Catch up on Week 4 of these shows and don’t forget to keep up to date with Week 4’s Prime shows too!

This season I’m watching Sakura Quest, Restaurant to Another World, and Gamers! on Crunchyroll and Dive!! and Welcome to the Ballroom on Amazon Prime.


Karen Tendo and Slump Days

Gamers! Summer 2017 Anime Updates - Week 5
The first half of this episode had me in despair. We were shown what Karen used to be like and what she was like after meeting Keita. I was about ready to throw this show in the trash when it suddenly seemed to make an improvement.

I wrote a post about how Gamers! was seeming to suggest you should change yourself. It’s one of my major qualms with this show that every cast member, except Keita, has changed themselves in one way or another. It was a relief to see Karen realise she was different and want to get back to the person she wanted to be.

Whether she actually will, I’m not sure. We’ll have to wait until episode five to tell that, but she definitely took steps to being the Karen we knew rather than the stalker she became.

Comedy, Romance, School

Restaurant to Another World

Pork Cutlet Rice Bowl / Pudding a la Mode

Restaurant to Another World Summer 2017 Anime Updates - Week 5
Another week gives us another two character introductions. One of them was actually linked to a character from the premiere (though I’m not sure we have had his history yet). I enjoyed this week’s episode even though, once again, the story went no where.

Actually, I suppose it went somewhere. We learnt how Tenshu came to own the restaurant. Or at least we could assume it was passed down to him from his grandfather. We also learnt a lot about how the menus were created and some more of the lore of their world.

Still just an enjoyable episode without much to say.

Comedy, Fantasy, Mystery

Sakura Quest

Minerva’s Sake Saucer

Sakura Quest Summer 2017 Anime Updates - Week 5
I might not like the OP or ED as much this cour, but the story is most definitely stronger. This episode was pretty strong from start to finish.

I’m really enjoying how one storyline is covering multiple episodes. The consequences aren’t as clear cut either and I actually feel as though the girls are making progress rather than repeating the same mistakes over and over.

Although I can appreciate what the studio has done with the story, I still think they could have brought this aspect in sooner.

Comedy, Countryside, Slice of Life

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