Over The Week (June 26 – July 2)

It’s that time of the week again! Are you ready for any venture into what I’ve been reading over the past week?

My Reading

Feeling The Anime Burn?
Lita wrote a wonderful post this last week about the burn. Her post focuses on the different types of anime burn that we can experience and even if you’ve not experienced anime burn yourself you’ll be able to relate to her post. It’s a really strong post that highlights what so many of us feel about various aspects of our lives and offers some suggestions of how to deal with the burnout.

The two ways to adapt manga into anime
Sam’s post takes a look at two different ways to adapt manga into anime. One is a panel by panel approach while the other takes key moments and changes the subcontext slightly. I’ve not watched an anime that I’ve read the manga to yet but I’ll certainly be paying attention to the approach used when I do!

Senpai Saturday-Are You Awkwardly Shy, Timid, Or Antisocial? Don’t worry! You’re Just A Dandere.
Ayano has a lovely post about the term “Dandere”. I’ve never heard of this term before but from their post I learnt about the definition, origin, and description.

The Joy of Collecting: Why I Still Buy Physical Media
Zeria’s look into buying physical media is still a thing for them, really resonated with me. I own most of the manga I have read, though I’ve yet to buy any blu-rays. Personally, I find blu-rays harder to get hold of but I know I still want to build up my collection. Especially my collection of anime films.

Hinako Note Review and How Relatability Helps Us Enjoy Anime
I loved Rai’s look into relatability and Hinako Note. I tried to watch Hinako Note this anime season and I struggled to make it through the first episode possibly because of my inability to relate to the main character. Rai has a look at how she relates to the series and also at some of the negative criticism the show had.

June – Team

“the word “Team” [. . .] functions in two ways: 1) allows individuals to show their support to the LGBT & Queer communities and 2) allows LGBT & Queer communities to express their love to whoever they want.”

Defining Your Own Identity
LitaKino wrote about Nuriko from Fuishi Yuugi who cross dresses for most of his life. This post highlights that there is a bigger picture behind people and we should remain true to ourselves.

When A Family Needs to Work Together to Make It Function
Crimson’s post is a very personal read. It talks about how her family had to come together and work as a team after her mother’s surgery.

Akuma no Riddle – Is My Love Story
Stephanie looks at Akuma no Riddle and how the story of this anime relates to her real life story. It’s a post that blends her personal story with the anime’s story and shows us how anime stories can be so important.

July – Mirrors

“When we look in the mirror, what do we see? Do we see ourselves or someone we don’t want to be? For this month’s theme, we will be exploring some of our favorite anime and other pop culture media that redefine individual beauty—inside and out.”

Paradise Kiss and Self Confidence/Self Acceptance
Shay has recorded a video about Paradise Kiss. She talks about the self confidence and self acceptance themes within this series while also relating it to the real world too. I’m sure many people can relate to the struggle to accept yourself, to have the confidence to be yourself.

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