Over The Week (July 10 – July 16)

Welcome to the posts I read last week! I managed to read a couple of posts this week which was better than last week! We’ve also got four OWLS posts lined up for you so if you missed any be sure to catch up this week.

My Reading

A vertical society — Cinematography and visual clues in Made in Abyss Episode 1
Emily has written another magical post about the first episode of Made in Abyss. In this post she picks out the visual story being told in this anime and what it tells us about the society they live in. Well worth a read even if you’ve not seen the anime in question. It might even make you want to watch it – it sure did for me!

Getting a ‘bad end’ and trial and error in visual novels
This week I came across Sam’s post on visual novels. I enjoy playing visual novels but I have found I much prefer ones with choices than linear. For this reason, I always seek out the bad endings and good endings as well as the true endings.

July – Mirrors

“When we look in the mirror, what do we see? Do we see ourselves or someone we don’t want to be? For this month’s theme, we will be exploring some of our favorite anime and other pop culture media that redefine individual beauty—inside and out.”

Mob Psycho & Being Your Own Worst Enemy
Hazel talked about seeing herself in the 2016 anime, Mob Psycho 100. It looks at Reigen and Mob’s relationship and well as the pressures of adolescence.

Heroes Meeting Humanity Expectation
Lita chose to look at superheroes in our pop culture for this month’s brief. Rather than focus on one particular superhero, her post looks at our expectations of what a hero is.

Not All Heroes Wear Capes: How a Quirkless Kid Became A Hero
Naja picked My Hero Academia for her post. She specifically looked at Deku’s journey to becoming a hero, his self-image and how that fit within the society’s views.

Elfen Lied- Accepting Every Part Of Yourself, Good and Bad
Rai looked at the anime Elfen Lied. It’s a dark anime, but her post does a good job of promoting accepting yourself while also making you want to watch an anime you might otherwise turn away from.

4 thoughts on “Over The Week (July 10 – July 16)”

  1. Nice post!!. You’d love amnesia memories then :P. I’ve heard good things about abyss, so I’ll give it a go when I get the chance too.

    1. I’ve actually started playing Amnesia: Memories! I’ve finished the Spade route completely and really enjoyed it. I’ve not got around to starting another one yet.

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