Summer Week 4: Prime Anime Reactions

It’s time for the Summer Week 4 Prime Anime Updates. This post is where I sum up my weekly viewing experience and thoughts on the anime season. I’ve recently made the decision to spit my mega big post into two smaller posts. This one is focused on the anime I watch through Amazon Prime. Because of the changes with my posts and some weird amazon scheduling options this includes three episodes of Welcome to the Ballroom.

This season I’m watching Dive!! and Welcome to the Ballroom on Amazon Prime and Sakura Quest, Restaurant to Another World, and Gamers! on Crunchyroll.


The Strong Men

Dive!! Summer 2017 Anime Updates - Week 4
This season really is topsy turvy. The episode I felt I wasn’t going to enjoy are becoming the series that I most enjoy.

This week we were introduced to the rivals of the diving club. I really enjoyed the introductions of the characters and their personalities. The characters may all be archetypes but I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that in a series like this. There wasn’t too much series development short of those introductions but I did enjoy the personal development for Tomoki and Ryou.

I also want to commend this series on its equal treatment. As you’ll read below I’m getting really sick of seeing female characters being treated differently to their male counterparts but this series is treating all the male divers and their female coach equally. It’s also avoiding any lingering shots on the younger male cast too.

You can watch Dive!! on Amazon Prime Video, or Anime Strike in the US.
Comedy, Sports

Welcome to the Ballroom

Dance the Waltz

Welcome to the Ballroom Summer 2017 Anime Updates - Week 4
I want to love this show completely but I can’t get over the stupid decisions they’re making.

You may have seen my post last week that I wrote after this episode but I’ve really had enough of their portrayal of Shizuku and Karen. So so so sick of it. It’s really ruining this show for me.

If I could put it to one side I think this episode would be one of the best so far. I have nothing else to say about this episode right now. I really hope it stops soon.

Dancer’s High

I don’t understand how I feel about this show.

Thankfully the fourth episode gave us no visual humiliation of its female cast (though there was a very odd “You touch me in weird places” comment from Shizuku). I do really love the development of Tatara and Kiyoharu. They have such an interesting story arc that I think that’s whats compelling me to carry on watching this. Tatara’s innocent love for the sport really reminds me of Tomoki from Dive!!. The tango was amazing to watch too.

At the end of the episode we’re left with a few questions, but it’s okay because amazon seem to have released two episodes today! I’m really hoping Shizuku wasn’t told to “run” because this new guy is another male character who only sees Shizuku as a prize to be won.


I’m still not happy with this anime, but I think it can maybe redeem itself with Mako.

We got to see a bit of Shizuku’s personality and finally she made a decision for herself. I felt really sorry for Mako and I’m thoroughly glad that Gaju is acting like an idiot and is supposed to be that character. I can only hope the abuse of Karen and Shizuku is behind us but I have a terrible feeling that Gaju abusing Shizuku will be one of the future arcs.

This is a two cour series so I’m doubtfully it will resolve but I was really glad to see Tatara appreciate Mako for who she was and not just see her a substitute for Shizuku. I don’t believe there was anything wrong with Tatara wanting to dance with Shizuku or being disappointed when she overlooked him for Gaju. It was really good that Kaname called Gaju out for his actions (even his Kaname’s have been worse with Shizuku) and I also found it really interesting that Shizuku called Kaname out for just siding with Kiyoharu over everything.

I hope it’s on the up, I enjoyed the latest episode (minus the bra strap stuff) and hopefully Mako and Shizuku will continue to get development instead of abuse.

You can watch Welcome to the Ballroom on Amazon Prime Video, or Anime Strike in the US.
Comedy, Drama, Romance, School, Sports

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