Summer Week 4: Crunchyroll Anime Reactions

It’s Summer Week 4 and time for the Crunchyroll Anime Updates. This post is where I sum up my weekly viewing experience and thoughts on the anime season. I’ve recently made the decision to spit my mega big post into two smaller posts. This one is focused on the anime I watch through Crunchyroll.

This season I’m watching Sakura Quest, Restaurant to Another World, and Gamers! on Crunchyroll and Dive!! and Welcome to the Ballroom on Amazon Prime.


Chiaki Hoshinomori and StreetPass Communication

Gamers! Summer 2017 Anime Updates - Week 4
What is happening to the series I’m watching this season?

Both Gamers and Welcome to the Ballroom started off with really strong premieres and have just gone downhill. Every single girl in this show seems to forget how much of a gamer she is and become obsessed with a boy. We’ve got Karen obsessed with Keita. Aguri obsessed with Tasuku. And now Chiaki is obsessed with Tasuku.

I don’t mind romance in a show. I can even deal with love triangles as cliche as they are. What I cannot stand is these girls changing themselves over the boys! What an absolutely rubbish message to be sending.

This week I did a post on how Welcome to the Ballroom was treating its female characters. I can feel another coming on for showing that a girl can’t just be an independent gamer and instead become some sort of puppy dog that changes who they are just to get the attention of a boy.

Comedy Romance, School

Restaurant to Another World

Omelette Rice / Tofu Steak

Restaurant to Another World Summer 2017 Anime Updates - Week 4
So one of my complaints was wanting the story to continue onwards rather than just being introduced to new characters each week. This week we were still introduced to new characters but it felt different somehow.

I didn’t mind it and I wonder if that was partly down to my mood. I was in the mood for something very easy watching and this show provided me just that. From the featurette we saw the end it’s possible we’ll be returning to some characters we’ve met before next week and some of them were had a cameo this week. I will admit that I don’t think the effect of seeing them eat their food and the elf’s response would have been the same if we didn’t know them.

I’m enjoying this series even if it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere story wise.

Comedy, Fantasy, Mystery

Sakura Quest

The Sphinx’s Antics

Sakura Quest Summer 2017 Anime Updates - Week 4
This series has definitely been a lot better in its second cour. It’s an odd series as I find myself forgetting about it but then I really enjoy watching it when it’s on.

It seems as though this series is entering a realm of fantasy – the whole pensioners taking a hostage just seemed very strange. At the same time it’s touching on some very real problems that I’ve never seen before in anime. The removal of a bus service can be a very big thing and a community includes its elderly as well as its young.

It’s a solid episode in a strong series.

Comedy, Countryside, Slice of Life

3 thoughts on “Summer Week 4: Crunchyroll Anime Reactions”

    1. It seems to have been a season of shows where the premieres set the tone for something than that was forgotten about for the rest of the season.

      I think there’s still potential with Restaurant to turn it around. I’m hoping that we’ll be introduced to all of the characters by the half way point and then they’ll have to rally around to help the owner with a problem he has. Though that could just be me wanting more from it!

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