Summer 2017 Anime Updates – Week 1

Welcome to my weekly post: Summer 2017 Anime Updates – Week 1. This is where I sum up my weekly viewing experience and thoughts on the anime season. This season I’m watching Sakura Quest, Restaurant to Another World, Gamers!, Dive!!, and Welcome to the Ballroom. Quite the variety this season!


Dive to Blue

Dive!! Summer 2017 Anime Updates - Week 1
This anime sparked my interest because I really enjoy watching the diving at the Olympics. An anime about getting there reminded me a lot of the premise of Yuri on Ice!!! and I had those kind of expectations when starting this.

I don’t think this series met them. The main character was okay, his idol was very stereotypical, and his friends were exactly what you’d expect. I think the actual diving elements, the story of getting the club from nothing to the Olympics will be quite good. However, I hold no hope that the characters will develop into interesting people. As it is, right now they’re pretty boring and I don’t even see a spark of life in them.

Overall, this could be one series that gets dropped.

You can watch Dive!! on Amazon Prime, or Anime Strike in the US.
Comedy, Sports

Restaurant to Another World

Beef Stew / Breakfast Special

Restaurant to Another World Summer 2017 Anime Updates - Week 1
I didn’t really know what to expect going into this show, but the premise doesn’t seem too far away from what you might expect. This is a restaurant that serves another world alongside the human world. It’s a show that will make you hungry with all the yummy sounding, delicious looking food on display. It focuses a lot on the food, and the chef, but there are elements of mystery here.

The show didn’t immediately grab me. In fact one episode of fan service (luckily the only) almost made me turn the episode off. However, I’m glad I stuck with it. By time we met Aletta, a girl who has recently become homeless, I was really enjoying the show. Aletta seems really sweet and I’m looking forward to finding out more about her and the spell that Aka no jou (the fan service girl) placed over her.

Luckily, Aka no jou is a supporting character, so I hope there will be minimal fan service in this show. Tenshu also seems to be a really interesting character and it was fun watching him talk to Aletta and trying to remove the human specific references to time and currency from his words. I finished this show feeling quite excited about what the next one will bring.

You can watch Restaurant to Another World on Crunchyroll.
Comedy, Fantasy, Mystery

Sakura Quest

The Queen, Convicted

Sakura Quest Summer 2017 Anime Updates - Week 1
Sakura Quest was beginning to get tired towards the end of the Spring season. Every two weeks were following the same cycle, with the same mistakes being made. It was hard to keep watching when you knew exactly where it was going to go.

I think this show is starting to via towards a more predictable ending, but it also feels like we’re about to make a turn for something new. We still have the same 2-episode arcs from the previous season but it feels as though the emphasis will be less about just tourism and more about making the town a place that people want to move to.

It was nice seeing the girls return to their hometowns on a summer vacation. I especially enjoying seeing Yoshino’s hometown and her country life and how it contrasted to her current setting.

I definitely felt rejuvenated by this episode and look forward to seeing where it goes next week.

You can watch Sakura Quest on Crunchyroll.
Comedy, Countryside, Slice of Life

Welcome to the Ballroom

Welcome to Ogasawara Dance Studio

Welcome to the Ballroom Summer 2017 Anime Updates - Week 1
I think this show will be my favourite of the season. I absolutely adored it. It helps that I really love ballroom dancing. I watch Strictly Come Dancing every year and Shall We Dance? is one of my favourite films. Unlike Yuri on Ice!!!, Tatara isn’t a professional already. He’s in middle school and stumbles across ballroom dancing quite by accident. After watching a film of one of the dancing competitions he’s absolutely hooked and wants to learn how to dance professionally.

I’m not sure I’m going to enjoy the romance element that this show has been tagged with. It seems a bit cliche to fall in love with who we can only presume will become his dance partner. On the other hand, it is a legitimate thing that happens and the amount of practice required makes it understandable. Some of the animation felt a little awkward at times but it was mainly towards the start of the episode and the actual dancing reminded me a lot of Yuri’s skating sequences.

I’m so looking forward to this show next week!

You can watch Welcome to the Ballroom on Amazon Prime, or Anime Strike in the US.
Comedy, Drama, Romance, School, Sports

Stand Out Episode

Restaurant to Another World

I wanted to choose Welcome to the Ballrom for the stand out episode but I had to give it to Restaurant to Another World. I really expected Restaurant to Another World to be loaded with unnecessary fan service and because it wasn’t it really defied my expectations. We did get a small amount of it but it was contained to one scene. As that character in question isn’t a main character so I don’t think it will blemish this series any more than it did for Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Main.

Restaurant to Another World gave me an episode entertaining, really enjoyable to watch, and then stepped it up to add an element of intrigue that made me want to come back. I don’t expect much to come of the mystery it presented, but it does make the show stand apart from anything else I’ve seen so far this season.

One of the series I want to watch, Gamers!, has yet to air to keep a look out for that next week!

Which shows are you watching this season?

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