Over The Week (June 5 – June 11)

Another week and more posts for you to read over the week! Each week it gets harder and harder to showcase just five. I might have to add in a “throwback” feature so those older posts don’t get neglected either.

This Week’s Must Read

This week’s feature piece goes to D Talks Anime!

D looked at how the women in Log Horizon lack focus outside of the men in the show. This is something that’s, unfortunately, not uncommon in a lot of media. One of the big things that put me off anime when I was younger was the representation of women. D’s look at the characters was really interesting to read, even more so as someone who hasn’t watched Log Horizon. When a series ends and you know nothing about the characters you just watched, there’s a problem there.

Make Time For

What’s in a Scene? Vincent leaves Romdeau Weekend Otaku explored a scene from Ergo Proxy. The post explores a scene from episode three but in such a way that spoils nothing. It looks at the scene in a lot of detail, combing through the layers, and relating to the bigger picture.

Code Realize: First Impressions/Three Things to Know Kat from Grimm Girl wrote a post about the visual novel Code Realize. This game is one that I have wanted to play for a while. Reading first impressions helps me determine where it fits with the list of other ones that I want to play. Kat’s post has really helped me experience what gameplay will be like and determine how much I will enjoy it.

Thoughts on My Time in Japan WeeaboOtaku has a rather personal post about time spent living in and around the city of Nagoya, Japan. Japan’s a place that I really want to visit and posts like these really help me identify places I want to go see, especially when they’re interlaced with a personal element.

Do I really need this?: My thoughts on purchasing physical Anime releases I don’t own any anime myself, but I do own a lot of manga. This post from Lethargic Ramblings showcases one of the reasons why I’ve not bought any anime. I think I will in the future but it will only be those series that I don’t want taken away from me when streaming services decide it’s outdated.

“Clickbait” – Why The Anime Community Still Can’t Have Nice Things Seasonal Prattle wrote yet another great post on the anime community. This one is about clickbait and how certain title’s don’t hold up to the content contained within. I try my best not to make “clickbaity” titles but it always feels a fine line between interesting and clickbait and posts make me think about the content I produce.

As always, I hope you enjoy reading these posts. Let me know in the comments of any posts you enjoyed reading this week. Happy writing!

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