Over The Week (June 19 – June 25)

Welcome one and welcome all! I’ve been able to read a lot more posts this week, enough to be able to bring this post this week. Things are still unstable in my future at the moment but I’ll keep you up to date on twitter if I have to give a this post a miss.

There are a few changes happening from this week onward. I’ve decided to scrap the feature piece. The more I read the more I struggle to highlight one post over another. That is unless there is something especially astounding that I can reason for extra attention. I’m also no longer having a set number of articles. I don’t want to be restricted by some arbitrary number that I have to stick to.

I recently joined the OWLS group, my first post will be coming in July. I want to share the posts all the others members are writing so I’m also creating a special section just for OWLS posts. June’s theme is “Team”.

My Reading

The Royal Tutor – Episode 12: “The Last Lesson”
Dee from The Josei Next Door wrote a post about the finale of The Royal Tutor. I totally adored this series but she brought up some very good points I hadn’t considered. Primarily, Dee discussed how the finale didn’t hold true to the comedic core of the series. If you enjoyed this series then take a look at the her view and see how much you agree with.

Anime and I have changed since AOT S1
Scott has a wonderful post this week about how much he, the anime industry, and Attack on Titan has changed in the last 4 years. It’s a very unique take but one that kept me captivated until the end. I’ve not yet finished Season 1 of Attack on Titan but I was able to gather how much Season 2 would differ without having any events from either season spoiled.

Anime and Piracy: How we justify our plunder
I’ve seen posts about piracy before and I’ve seen plenty gravitate through the ethics of it too. It’s a subject that’s always interested me, especially in a time like ours where we have so many legal, free options. Hag takes us on a journey through the history of piracy with a look at the excuses that used to be used and how they’ve evolved with technology.

June – Team

“the word “Team” [. . .] functions in two ways: 1) allows individuals to show their support to the LGBT & Queer communities and 2) allows LGBT & Queer communities to express their love to whoever they want.”

Redefining the Rotten Fandom of the Rotten Yaoi Genre
Arria wrote her OWLS piece on the Yaoi genre. Some of the topics discussed includes why the labels for this genre include the word “rot”, homophobic yaoi fans, and why the yaoi genre isn’t helping the LBGTQ+ community.

It Just Is: Relationships Don’t Always Need Labels
Naja’s post focuses on the manga Banana Fish and the relationship between Eiji and Ash. It looks at how their relationship transcends the labels that we’re always trying to place on things.

Crona Gorgon: Soul Eater
Zoe is another new member of OWLS who chose to discuss Soul Eater‘s Crona for this month’s tour. It’s a really interesting discussion about how Crona is viewed as a question of their gender rather than just as a character.

Yuri Anime and Manga: Validating Lesbian Relationships As Real
Rai has taken a look at how lesbian relationships aren’t considered real in yuri anime and manga. The post touches on Japan’s society, negative stereotypes, and some of the more positive themes.

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