Spring 2017 Anime Updates – Week 11

Welcome to my weekly post: Spring 2017 Anime Updates – Week 11. This is where I sum up my weekly viewing experience and thoughts on the anime season. This season I’m watching The Royal Tutor, Tsuki ga Kirei, and Sakura Quest.

The Royal Tutor

The Pair’s Promise

The Royal Tutor Spring 2017 Anime Updates - Week 11
I did not expect that! If all you’re interested in is who Heine really is and his history, Episode 11 is the one to watch. You’ll get all you need to know nicely tied up with a little bow!

It was nice getting the big reveal without a massive cliffhanger to follow it. If anything it’s nicer that there’s another episode to go as it’ll give us, and the princes, a sense of resolution to the whole affair. Heine’s history has been teased thorough the entire series and, with it being unlikely there’ll be a second season, it’s good to get that sense of finality to it.


Sakura Quest

The Forgotten Requiem

Sakura Quest Spring 2017 Anime Updates - Week 11

Aww this show is gorgeous. I really love the colours in it and adore the music. Both the OP and ED songs are lovely and I just want to listen to them all the time.

As for the content of this episode, I was a little let down at the start. It seemed as though the big “threat” they had teased wasn’t going to come of anything but it quickly proved me wrong. I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know Ririko better and seeing how she resonated with the dragon story was heart breaking. It was really nice to see a bit of resolution for her and some character development too.

I have one gripe. No guy, no matter who he is, should takes your friend outside and tell her no ‘normal girl’ should act that way. I was so disappointed with the show that no one ripped into him for what he said. They should have told that that Ririko was fine as she is and if she wanted to tell us something about the dragon story then it’s okay. Don’t let someone drive your friend away like that and not say anything.

Comedy, Countryside, Slice of Life

Tsuki ga Kirei

The Setting Sun

Tsuki ga Kirei Spring 2017 Anime Updates - Week 11

This episode very nearly brought me to tears. Akane is definitely moving and she told Kotaro about it. The festival happened, Hira had his “try”, and things blew up for a while. I just want these two to be happy and it feels as though they’re having to deal with every single obstacle that could be thrown at them. I’m pretty sure parents will be an difficulty for them next week and I really hope there is a happy ending in sight.

This series has maintained a consistent tone throughout. I feel a sense of hopefulness and nostalgia when I watch it. I also get innocence and complexity from this series too. I’m hoping over the next two episode I can better define all the things this series brings for the season review. At the moment I’m still just along the lines of watch it because it’s really good.

Romance, Slice of Life, School Life

Stand Out Episode


I actually really can’t pick a stand out episode this week. Every single one of them was quite possibly my favourite episode of their respective series. This season, for me, has been really strong and there’s only one show I’ve watched that I’ve disliked – which isn’t one I’ve been watching weekly!

If you are watching any of these series and putting off this week’s episode then hop to it!

How were your anime episodes this week? Do you agree with my stand out episode choice? Let me know in the comments!

2 thoughts on “Spring 2017 Anime Updates – Week 11”

  1. This weeks episode of Tsuki ga Kirei was beautiful – everything that is good about the show came together this week, although I do agree that everything is being thrown at them and I hope that they get through it in the next couple of episodes.

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