Anime Challenge 2017

You may recall a while ago I started the MAL Manga Challenge. Well I decided to do the anime challenge too. I’m backdated to the start of the year, which I can do as I religiously keep track of my anime watching! What can I say, I’m a sucker for these type of challenges. This one’s more likely to be successful than the manga one, though. I’m going to review everything here, so if it’s not around yet then expect it!

Challenge Start Date: January 01, 2017
Challenge Finish Date: December 24, 2017
Link to your list: MAL Challenge Post & AP Anime Challenge 2017 List
Completed Anime (at sign-up): 5

Difficulty: Ensign
Pattern: Snowflake
Bingo Card #:

Challenge List
02 – Watch a Movie (with a duration of 40 minutes or more) – A Silent Voice
14 – Watch an anime which began airing between 1917 and 1959 – Hakujaden
19 – Watch an anime that aired only during 2016 – Occultic;Nine
21 – Watch an anime broadcast on a weekend – Granblue Fantasy The Animation
22 – Watch an anime with 11 episodes or more – The Royal Tutor
25 – Watch an anime with 50 episodes or more – Gintama’
29 – Watch an anime adapted from a Book, Picture Book, Novel or Light Novel – Melancholy of Haruhi-chan Suzumiya
30 – Watch an anime adapted from a Web Manga, Digital Manga or 4-koma Manga – Hinako Note
36 – Watch a completed anime with more user in “Plan-to-Watch” than “Completed” – Idol Memories
38 – Watch an anime with a main cast primarily of one gender – ACCA
40 – Watch an anime with at least one child as a main character – Sweetness and Lightning
47 – Watch an anime tagged as Shounen or Seinen – Amanchu!
48 – Watch an anime tagged as Shoujo or Josei – Orange
51 – Watch an anime tagged as Drama, Slice of Life and/or Romance – Tsuki ga Kirei
56 – Watch an anime tagged as Historical, Martial Arts, Samurai and/or Super Power – 91 Days
59 – Watch an anime recommended to you in the challenge discussion thread – Scum’s Wish
63 – Watch an anime that was recently reviewed – The Morose Mononokean
64 – Watch an anime with a synopsis by MAL Rewrite – .hack//SIGN
67 – Watch an anime that starts with the same second letter as your username – Nanbaka
68 – Watch an anime with a number in it’s title – March Comes In Like a Lion (3-gatsu no Lion)

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