Spring 2017 Anime Updates – Week 7

Instead of one post on each anime I’m watching weekly in the Spring 2017 anime season, I thought I’d sum up the weekly viewing experience in one post to leave room for other features and thoughts. This season I’m watching The Royal Tutor, Tsuki ga Kirei, and Sakura Quest weekly though I’ve previously only expressed my thoughts on the first two anime each week.

The Royal Tutor

The Whereabouts of a Dream

The Royal Tutor Spring 2017 Anime
This week we focus on Bruno and his sense of not being good enough for the throne. It made me revise my opinion of the third son and I now believe he would be a good candidate for the throne. In fact, all of the princes have had my initial opinion of them thwarted. The only issue that Kai doesn’t seem to have had any development at all. It also appears as though the initial perception that it was an inheritance system wasn’t true. The four princes all seem to have an equal chance of being kind. I presume they’ll be some sort of contest though I’m not sure how yet.

We saw that Rosenberg was up to his foul tricks again and he’s tried to dissuade both Licht and Bruno. However, we get the impression he is working for someone else and I suspect that the elder brother is the one behind this. He’s obviously threatened by his brother’s and wants to stop them having a chance. How this will all resolve is interesting and whether I’m right about the truth behind Rosenberg will be told in time. I’m guessing we have two more episodes showing Rosenberg’s attempts to dissuade Leonhard and Kai still to go.

As a side note, the ED of this episode was… odd. Very odd. So watch it!


Sakura Quest

The Mansion in Purgatory

Sakura Quest Spring 2017 Anime
This episode continued from where last weeks left off and the movie is taking place in the town. There’s a lot about memories in this episode and I felt we had a lot of development on Shiori and Maki. This series is one there everything’s pretty dreamy, it’s 25 episode long so we’re just over a quarter through. It keeps me coming back each week but at the same time I don’t feel compelled to watch it every week. If I miss a week then I’m happy to just watch it when I get chance.

The series so far has been very much focused on the small town vibe and the benefits that can have. This episode was no exception and for the second time we see things go in a positive way for Yoshino. I have no idea what they’re going to try and do next but their efforts to boost tourism can’t be in vain for too much longer.

I’m finding it hard to tell the passing of time in this show. Yoshino’s contract is for a year and I expect that year to be up on the last episode. If it was evenly split I’d expect us to be entering summer season in the next episode but there’s no indication that we’re there. With the cherry blossom blooming I’m guessing it’s around March or April time.

Comedy, Countryside, Slice of Life

Tsuki ga Kirei

First Half: The Road So Far

Tsuki ga Kirei Spring 2017 Anime
This was a recap episode. There’s nothing to say that hasn’t been said already in my previous posts. It was nice to see the major points again but disappointing to have a recap episode after only 6. It only just started getting somewhere and the emphasis seemed to be primarily on Akane in this recap.

Romance, Slice of Life, School Life

Stand Out Episode

The Royal Tutor

Spring 2017 Anime Stand Out Episode

This week’s Stand Out Episode belongs to The Royal Tutor for their development of Bruno.

I found this episode really appealing for showing Bruno’s insecurities and his trying to overcome them. Lauren over at Anime Feminist brought up a very good point about how Bruno recognises his privileges in this episode.

This series has gone from strength the strength over the last two episodes. It’s added intrigue and a bit of darkness to a rather lighthearted show but each episode is adding a bit more to the character’s personalities. We see their weaknesses and how they strive to develop themselves and overcome their doubts.

6 thoughts on “Spring 2017 Anime Updates – Week 7”

  1. The ED to Royal Tutor was definitely a bit different this week and I must admit I couldn’t stop watching it. Actually, it was a great episode all round, but that ending kind of threw me given I wasn’t expecting that.

    1. On the one hand I couldn’t look away, but I also really wanted to. Some parts of it were so cringe worthy and it looked as though they didn’t want to be there xD

      1. I know. Their expressions and some of the half-hearted effort onthe moves was pretty fantastic to watch. Definitely a cringe worthy experience and yet one I just couldn’t stop watching.

  2. The only “shared” show we’re both watching this season is Sakura Quest, unfortunately.

    And I think you brought up a good point about how Sakura Quest is solid but not amazing. It’s been consistent these past 6 weeks, at least.

    1. In some ways Sakura Quest is a bit of a disappointment. I kind of expected more from it given the synopsis and the general direction it’s trying to go. I do wonder if there’ll be anything to show for it at the end of the season other than the generic “and Yoshino realised a small town wasn’t that bad and stayed there”.

      I feel as though the characters still have a way to go in terms of getting to know each other at least. It doesn’t seem like we know anything about Ririko in comparison to the others.

      1. Yeah I’m worried it might end up like that, too. Ririko does seem a lot more mysterious compared to the others. At least it’s a 2cour show.

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