Spring 2017 Anime Updates – Week 8

Welcome to my weekly watching for the Spring 2017 anime season. This is where I sum up my weekly viewing experience and thoughts. This season I’m watching The Royal Tutor, Tsuki ga Kirei, and Sakura Quest.

The Royal Tutor

A Timid Heart

The Royal Tutor Spring 2017 Anime

I don’t really know what to make of this episode. It was an episode of two halfs, one I enjoyed and one I found mediocre.

As with the rest of the series, this episode was dedicated to a different bother. We really do cycle between them. This time it was Kai’s turn and, as before, Kai comes equipped with an Adele to his story. The entire premise of seeing Kai and learning more about him was wonderful. I really enjoy seeing how Kai’s external image is the polar opposite of his kindhearted nature. It was really nice to see his development in that regard and hear his internal monologue about how hard things were for him. Animation wise, I thought it really told the story well of his unhappiness at being so misunderstood.

Then we have the whole Adele and Shadow story line. Other than providing an occasion to see Kai interact with Adele and show his understanding side, I don’t know why it was there. It seemed too extreme. I get that this show is supposed to be a comedy and maybe this element was supposedly funny with the painting. Personally, the Adele situation could have been removed and I don’t think the episode would’ve lacked anything at all.


Sakura Quest

The Fairy’s Recipe

Sakura Quest Spring 2017 Anime

This week’s episode focuses primarily on Shiori and her family and story. We’ve seen a lot of Shiori lately. It’s nice to see one character get a lot of development over a short space of time rather than the way The Royal Tutor has done it. Instead of knowing the next episode will be Sanae one, you’re not sure if you’re going to learn more about Shiori or someone else. It makes sense for things to be primarily focused on her too, with her entire family being very rooted in the village.

I quite enjoyed the way the episode wasn’t all happy and rosy though. They tried to do something and messed up big time. I really do question, though, why no one told Yoshino that they had to run it by the Board. Shiori, the old guy, and the two young guys have done this enough for someone to mention it. It felt very convenient that not one person went “Um, that’s the same day as the festival. We should check.”

If it wasn’t for that convenience being the source of the drama than I would probably have liked this episode a whole lot more.

Comedy, Countryside, Slice of Life

Tsuki ga Kirei

Hold Back Nothing When Taking Love

Tsuki ga Kirei Spring 2017 Anime
This episode marked such a change from those that have come before. We’re used to see Akane and Kotaro at arms length and daring to talk to each other. This week we get them to confess to all their friends. Chinatsu needs Akane to tell her to stop though. She’s very irritating and she’s being manipulative. I really hope it’s on purpose, though, and not because she’s naive. It would ruin her character for so much of this to be unintentional.

Chinatsu is interesting because of the drama she brings. The way she originally wanted it to just be her, Akane, Kotaro, and Hina is telling given the apology at the end. I must say I had no sympathy for her when she saw Akane and Kotaro together. She knows they’re dating and yet she’s used everything she can think of to separate the two of them. The two girls she talked to towards the end suggests another way she can effect this relationship. I can see her making out Akane to be the bad one. Telling them that she, Chinatsu, like Kotaro first and had told her. Words to that effect.

Romance, Slice of Life, School Life

Stand Out Episode

Tsuki ga Kirei


This week’s Stand Out Episode belongs to Tsuki ga Kirei. This episode made me smile. The way the camera portrays Akane and Kotaro is wonderful. We’re used to seeing them like they are in the image above. Both characters are slightly off centre and there’s physical space between them. Once they admit to the group that they are together, the space seems to close. We see them closer together going on rides, eating food, and just standing closer. The physical contact between them is no longer as scary as it used to be and you can see that in their reactions and looks rather than just their words.

I’m always a fan of showing rather than telling for it lets the viewer interpret the scene. It provides something to been gained from a re-watch too. I feel like Tsuki ga Kirei will be one of those series that will benefit from a second viewing.

What was your stand out episode this week for the anime you’ve been watching this season?
Any suggestions of things to watch now we’re over the halfway point?

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