She And Her Cat -Everything Flows-

She and Her Cat -Everything Flows- is based on an early work of Makoto Shinkai. It tells the story of a college student, only referred to as She (but referred to here as Miyu), as she deals with life after her friend moves out and trying to figure out how to deal with the changes that life brings to you.

It’s a unique piece that tells the story from the perspective of the cat, Daru and what he sees happening to his owner and friend. He tells us of the story of how they came to be together, how much he cares for her, and how he’s seen her relationship with her mother and friend change over the years. It has a deep personal connection to me as someone who grew up surrounded by cats until the moment I moved out of my parents house. I had “my” cat, who was also a black cat, and she was everything to me like Daru is to Miyu.

The anime series is a short one, four episodes long at five minutes a piece, but during that time it gripped my heart. Whether because of the personal connection I mentioned earlier, or the actual storytelling I’m not sure. I believe everyone could connect with Miyu and the troubles she goes through in trying to not be a burden to those around her, but I’m very aware that the perspective of the Diyu may not be one everyone can relate to and may be another part of why this piece became a firm favourite of mine.

Seeing her struggles, and the story itself; the connection between Miyu and her cat, Miyu and her friend, and Miyu and her mother was very moving and it was an anime that brought me to tears. Then, when I thought it was over, I was crying again. Watch the after credits scene on that last episode.

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