All Eyes On…. Souta Tawara

Firstly, welcome to my new series “All Eyes On…” where I plan to feature all sorts like characters, anime series, or even just an individual episode of anime! I wanted a segment that’s slightly generic so I don’t feel restricted at having to repeat the same thing every week. This week it’s Souta Tawara.

Souta is from Poco’s Udon World. He’s the main character in the series and it follows his point of view as the series progresses. Souta is a very kind, caring, man who I’m sure everyone could relate to. He moves back home after his father passes away to put all the affairs in order and close up as needed. Once there he comes across Poco and ends up looking after the adorable little munchkin as he comes to terms with his regrets.

Souta and Poco

Poco’s Udon World was the first anime I watched all the way through, maybe that makes it hold a special place in my heart, but it was also entertaining because Souta was understandable. After finding Poco he begins to rediscover things about himself that he had forgotten. Memories, feelings, places; they all come back to him as he takes Poco to places and interacts with people. He gets to reassess his memories about his father and their conversations and discovers that the way he had viewed it at the time wasn’t the true situation. That sense of understanding an event for what it truly was rather than the bias you had from your point of view was something that happened a lot to Souta. Each time it helped him grow.

As you’re watching Souta’s journey, it’s hard to see where it’ll end up. There’s potential for Souta to take over his father’s restaurant and there’s also the possibility of him packing it all up and moving away for good. He struggles with his current place in life and knowing what he wants for himself; something I think we all go through at one point or another.

Alongside Souta’s internal struggles, he also has external pressures. Almost everyone he meets assumes he’ll re-open the Udon restaurant and they all have memories of the place that are special to them. They don’t hesitate to tell Souta about it either. That kind of pressure that comes from other’s expectations is another element that made Souta relatable. Expectations, whether real or just perceived, has a huge impact on each of us as we go about our daily lives and seeing a character struggle with really made this Slice of Life show engaging.

If you want to know more about this show, have a look at my Poco’s Udon World review.

Thank you for reading my first All Eyes On… post. I hope to do this segment weekly and develop the different skills this kind of writing requires! I think this post is missing something but I feel it’s one of those things that will only come with time and practice. If you’ve any suggestions or feedback on this post and other points I could have made please let me know, I really want to improve this segment and bring a bit more to my blog than just reviews.

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