Sakura Quest – First Impressions

Sakura Quest


Yoshino resonated with me to begin with. She’s originally from a small town and moved to Tokyo for school. After graduating she’s applied for many jobs and is determined to not return to the country. I also grew up in the country and know that feeling of wanting to get away from that isolation. I can also understand the multiple interviews and no job offers – I didn’t have to go through 30 interviews to get my first job but I got my fair share of rejections or radio silence from applications.

However, Yoshino is a 20 year old with no concept of how the world works. Firstly, if you have been struggling to get a job that much then accept the first one offered to you! I understand she was waiting to hear back from one she wanted more but if that’s how her interview was for all the other jobs then I’m not surprised she didn’t get anything. She came across rather whimsical but I suppose it all depends what sort of job she was applying for.

Secondly, read your contract! How can anyone sign a contract for a job without looking at the basics like how long the contract lasts for! It was like they wanted to force to her the country again and this was the only way of doing it. It didn’t seem to be a feasible reason for this series to exist. I’d much rather she went for a one day job, got offered for it to be extended, and then had it as her last remaining option. It looks as though they want to push the “I want to be in Tokyo” angle in the next episode, but they could do that without her stupidly signing a year long contract. I can understand Yoshino’s reluctance to stay in the country and I’m looking forward to seeing how she adjusts to returning to country life.

As for the other cast members we met there’s Maki Midorikawa the manager of the dorm that Yoshino is staying in, Shiori Shinomiya who runs the tourism board that Yoshino is part of, and Ushimatsu Kadota who is an elderly man that wants to return the town to its former glory. All the characters have different personalities and it’s good to see them interact with each other.

I don’t think this episode gripped me as I expected it to – it’s supposed to be a comedy but nothing of comedic really happened until towards the end of the episode – but the concept of ending up in a job and place that wasn’t what you expected or wanted for yourself is one that’s very relatable to a lot of people.


Five young women have one thing in common—the careers they planned for themselves weren’t working out. Job dissatisfaction, trying to make ends meet, and personal insecurities lead each of them to start working at a local tourism bureau where their lives become intertwined. As the girls experience their first year on the job, they learn a lot about their town, their industry, and themselves.

After being rejected in over 30 job applications, Yoshino Koharu finally gets an offer. She probably should have read the contract more carefully…

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2 thoughts on “Sakura Quest – First Impressions”

  1. I had the same question about the contract. If she signed it, why didn’t she read it. Something as basic as the length is usually pretty clear even if there is fine print that ends up getting missed.
    Okay, mostly I was nitpicking because this anime doesn’t fall into any of the genres I actually like and I wasn’t really enjoying watching it, even as I had to admit it was pretty well done for a first episode. I won’t be continuing to watch this because I know that each week I’ll feel much the same. I didn’t enjoy it but there’s nothing particularly wrong with it.

    1. I think that’s part of the problem – there’s nothing wrong with it, but there’s nothing particularly good about it either. It might get better but for people who don’t like the general Slice of Life genre there’s nothing unique here.

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