Chaos;Child’s episode 0 sets the tone for this series. It’s confusing, it’s bewildering, but it has a sense of “something more”. In retrospect, if the prequel puts you off the show then you might want to just call it quits there.

Episode 1 is where it all starts off with Takuru and seeing life after the events of Episode 0, things are starting to get back to normal when the same madness that happened in Episode 0 starts to happen again. The series begins with a lot of potential with questions that don’t seem too lofty for the show to answer. It has a few odd moments that appear to be fanservice, and causes you to ask a few questions of it; but on a whole both the fanservice elements and the “odd” moments have a purpose. They’re designed to show you something isn’t right and this is one of the things that Chaos;Child did so well.

Unfortunately, it didn’t stay there at all. Once the first “big reveal” happened, the show went downhill. We get fight scene moments that seem more akin to Fate/Grand Order than to this show. It was a very jarring moment that was never explained. After that the questions raised in the first half of the show were still being answered, while more questions were being raised in the second half that didn’t have a chance of being answered.

All in all, this series was disappointing and if I hadn’t been scoring this on an episode-by-episode basis my anime-planet score would have been so much lower. It was like a murder-mystery in every aspect, except that the series forgot what it was supposed to be and instead decided to become an action show. It had potential, and the potential kept me watching, but it didn’t pay off.

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  1. I need to get around to this. From my understanding you really needed to have seen Chaos;Head (though, it’s the weakest in the ; series), despite this being a prequel. The ; series is weird though, the best one is Steins;Gate if you are looking for something a bit more quality.

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