ACCA: 13-Territory Inspection Dept.


ACCA is one of those series that you watch and you’re not quite sure what’s happening. You enjoy it enough, however, to keep watching. It’s not the kind of series that confuses the viewer but you struggle to understand the thoughts of the characters.

Some shows have their character’s internal monologue informing you of every little thought. Others have character’s tell total strangers every aspect of their lives. ACCA does neither and both to great effect. We hear enough of Jean’s thoughts and opinions to get a sense of who he is, but not enough to know how he’ll react with the situation he’s finding himself in. We see him interact with other characters and yet it’s all within in stoic character and gives nothing away. ACCA has given it’s characters a personality and makes them stick to it. A stoic character doesn’t find themselves suddenly openly flustered. An overly excitable character isn’t suddenly prone to bouts of placid interaction.

A Moment In Their Lives

As we follow this moment with Jean Otis, it’s obvious that he that existed before we were here. We don’t know who the character’s are but Jean does. The only time we get told the nature of his relationships are when other characters, like Rail, are told about Jean’s life. Lotta’s relationship with Jean is a good example of this; the viewer gets to see them interact without the prior influence of knowing it’s a familial relationship.

As the intrigue increases over the series, the number of scenes that Jean isn’t there for also increases. It appears as though the viewer is being told information that Jean isn’t aware of. It brings the viewer to hold an opinion that the outcome of the series will be one thing, and causes you to wonder whether Jean will be able to wriggle out of it. When the series arrives at the pivotal moment you get to experience that, once again, this is a character that seems to exists outside of your viewing space for he had plans too.

A Wonderful Slice of Life

I don’t think I have anything I can say against this show other than it’s probably just that little bit too slow at the start for those that don’t like the Slice of Life genre. Once it picks up steam it really starts rolling and will have you hooked until the end. The end might not be everyone’s preferred ending but when you think about the character of Jean and everything he showed you, and didn’t show you, it’s the perfect ending for him.

2 thoughts on “ACCA: 13-Territory Inspection Dept.”

  1. I agree. Jean is living his life and the audience get glimpses of it but we never know the whole story and thankfully the show never puts us through an internal monologue or really bad character dialogue where someone explains their motives in depth to someone else for no reason. It is a good choice for this narrative but it does leave the audience guessing more than knowing what is going on with particular characters.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

    1. Leaving the audience guessing is definitely part of what I enjoyed about this show. It was a kind of slice of life but crossed with a suspense, almost murder-mystery style.

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