Erased starts off showing you the power that Satoru Fujinuma possesses, in a way that highlights the importance of it. It then establishes his life as a 29 year old who doesn’t know what he plans to do with his life. Events unfold that cause Satoru to travel back in time and stop a series of events that unfolded when he was younger.

I really enjoyed this series, but the first half was definitely better than the latter. It was interesting seeing adult Satoru in child Satoru’s body and understanding things slightly differently to the way children normally would. It was well paced for the first half of the show and the way it showed him trying to avert the future but then fail and have to try again was something I really wanted more of.

I’ve heard the manga is better than the anime and in some ways I felt the anime suffered from the adaption. A lot of the series is dedicated to the saving of Kayo but it was as though the series was originally intended to focus on her and leave the rest for another season. Ultimately the last two children that required saving were after thoughts that were saved in a matter of seconds. After Kayo was safely away there was one pitiful attempt at trying to get Aya and then the killer turned their sights onto Satoru and decided that it wasn’t worth killing anyone in that town any more.

What? The killer is supposed to be a serial killer!

Also, another question that comes to mind is the pay off to the future. Satoru, in the new future, meets Airi again as a nice symbolism of what is meant to happen will happen, but what of everyone else? This is supposedly a power that Satoru has been using all of his life, moments where the present rewinds and he can avert a disaster. If he wasn’t around in the new future to do any of that does that mean all the people he saved died?

In the end, I have too many questions to add this to my personal recommendation list but if you like mystery style shows then it’s worth giving a watch. Even knowing the events, or the killer, doesn’t diminish the enjoyment you can get from this show. If anything I think it can enhance it as you see things that Satoru still misses being so focused on his task of saving Kayo.

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  1. While it does have its good moments, I think the appeal of the show is more to do with the idea it presents than the execution of that idea. The premise of going back in time via a consciousness exchange into your younger self is an interesting one, and for many a power fantasy against regret in their own lives. This is the draw of the show, and while I didn’t hate it (I actually liked it for roughly the first half as well – or at least some scenes), it doesn’t do a particularly good job executing on its premise.

    Good post. Nice to see another perspective.
    ~ Ace

  2. I completely agree! I loved this show until about halfway through. I still, overall, really liked this series, but believe I would prefer the manga so will be looking out for it (a.k.a collecting and reading it in the future). Great review 🙂

  3. mind blow…This has a manga?!?! ok i need to find it xD

    also what do you mean by “If he wasn’t around in the new future to do any of that does that mean all the people he saved died?”? sorry its just a bit confusing and was curious

    erased was one of my favorite anime last year but it seriously suffered after satoru is “killed”, just a lot of things that didn’t make sense to me @_@ but overall it was a decent watch

    1. At the very start of the series, Satoru saved a little boy from being killed by a truck. When he went back in time he got put in the coma and didn’t wake up until present day. I was wondering whether that little boy would have died because Satoru wasn’t there to save him from the truck.

      1. ohhhh! so like the whole time paradox thing, i was confused about that as well. does him living this new life mean that the other one just disappears or what happens over there? does it continue from where satoru disappeared? etc etc

  4. Erased was an odd duck. It had moments of absolute brilliance and simultaneous instances of borderline garbage. Still, I got a lot out of the series. Enjoyed reading your review, even if we have differing opinions on this one.

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