Chaos;Child – The Reveal, Part Two


As I thought last week, we only got one part of the reveal. This week we got the second part; the second person who was there and it was a shocker. I don’t know if there were any clues to this reveal leading up but it wasn’t anything that I suspected.

As for the episode’s content. It was okay. The episode basically boiled down to showing how Takuru’s power came into being and the very first instance of it. It was an okay episode because it was really interesting to see his childhood and the neglect that his parents had with putting work before their child. It seemed as though they put work before each other too and Takuru was more of an accident than a child that was actually wanted. How they got through the baby years is anyone’s guess.

It was another episode of not much happening though. We got a bit more from Serika and, as previously mentioned, the second reveal but it’s winding up to the big show down that these types of shows had.

It seems to be something of a thing with this genre, in any media, that once you have the reveal it’s a lot less interesting. A shame, but almost expected. I wonder if it would have benefited from keeping some of the suspense until the final episode rather than revealing all the culprits in two one after another. I’m still waiting on an explanation of those weapons though…



Shibuya, 2015. In a city recovering from the “Shibuya Earthquake” which devastated it six years ago, Takuru Miyashiro, a student at the newly built private high school “Hekiho Academy” investigates a series of serial killings known as “The Return of the New Generation Madness” as part of his work for the school’s newspaper club…

Takuru is forced to confront his own involvement in the case, and the secrets of his past. He was a neglected and abused child, who turned to an imaginary friend for support. This decision has terrible consequences during the Shibuya Earthquake.

Source: Crunchyroll

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