Yuri!!! on Ice

I partially started watching anime because of the amount of Yuri reviews I saw floating around on twitter. A lot of people were raving about Yuri and it prompted me to use it as a way to get into the media again. It took me a while to get around to watching episode 2 after the first one but that was a combination of Poco’s Udon World and real life troubles rather than anything against the series itself. I absolutely adored this series and it easily makes its way to joint first with Poco to be an all time favourite.

The music was the first thing that really grabbed me. The song that plays with the opening titles is pure bliss and I often find it being stuck in my head or humming it as I go about my day. I find it very inspiring and it seems to encompass the entire theme of the series in terms of Yuri’s personal journey. All the other music used within the series is also outstanding. Each piece was carefully used and the choreography from the figure skaters to accompany it was amazing to watch. It really reminded me of why I enjoy watching the figure skating in the winter Olympics.

This series was also the first that I noticed the colour palette. I won’t claim to be an expert or anything like that but compared to what I disliked about Spiritpact, the gorgeous imagery of Poco’s Udon World, and the colours in the new series I’ve started, Erased; I’ve noticed that the colours was part of what I loved about Yuri!!! on Ice. From the subtle tones of the ice and background to the more vibrant elements of the costume, I felt as though the scenes were particularly good at drawing my attention to the things I needed to pay attention to without being too overbearing. I definitely think I’m paying more attention to the colours in the anime I watch thanks to this show.

I also love the dynamics between the characters; whereas Poco’s Udon World focused primarily on the relationship between the two main characters, I felt as though Yuri!!! on Ice did more than that. It focused a lot on Victor and Yuri’s relationship, but it also paid careful attention to Yuri and Victor’s individual relationships with the other cast. Each of the other skaters had their own history or background that related, in some aspect, back to Yuri and Victor from friends to rivals. I also liked how there wasn’t a villain per se. Yurio came across as misunderstood – it seemed as if the way he acted the only way he knew how to – and even JJ had a similar aspect to his “villainy” too. Each character had a very personal journey that they undertook in this series and I really look forward to seeing what comes next and (hopefully) watching it at the same time as the rest of Yuri!!! on Ice fans.

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