Spiritpact – Why I’m done with it


Oh my word. I didn’t think this could get worse. I got 10 minutes into this episode (after skipping the intro scene) and turned it off. I just couldn’t carry on watching it any longer. At the end of the last episode we were introduced to a woman who was gorgeous and seemed to have it all, so I wasn’t expecting things to go brilliantly but I expected a lot more than what I got. I’ll give you a scene by scene walk through of what I watched.

Tanmoku Ki goes to pick up the girl from the airport. You Keika swoons over her. Tanmoku tells her he bought her an airplane ticket to go straight home and even god-awful You thinks this is harsh. She seems to just accept it and they get in a car. Then you find out she’s Tanmoku’s fiancee who he just seems to hate and she willingly accepts that. I put up with this thinking it might get better and be down to arranged marriage and what-not. So I carried on watching as she gets dropped off at her hotel room and You get’s told to go deliver a message. So he does, deciding that manners are important so he’ll just walk into her rooms with his hands over his eyes and then wander through the rest of her rooms when she’s not in the sitting area.

She’s seemingly in her bedroom with an “oh my god shock horror disgusting” face mask on playing games. How can she be wearing things like that in the comfort of her own rooms when she doesn’t expect random people to barge in on her! She loses because he distracted her and gets upset about that; but it’s okay because You Keika is a master at this game and so he “teaches” her how to play and she announces that three years later she’s now at Platinum level. Because of him. No way has she been playing that game seriously for three years and in the space of ten minutes get tutored to top level by this idiot.

That almost made me stop. I wish I had. It got worse.

You Keika questions her (I don’t have a clue what her name is by the way) about why she hides this from Tanmoku Ki and she says it’s because he seems to dislike her anyway and it’d only make things worse if he knew this side of her. Right. Well on top of that she picked him because he looks pretty. Her mission is to – get this – “remove my clothes for him and bear children for him” and some random nonsense about how “facial score value will promote consumption and increase the economy” and that “supporting his attractiveness is the same as devoting my love”. When You Keika asks her about her pride and whether she’s willing to discard it her response is “Pride disappears the instant you truly begin loving someone”.

I turned it off there, I’d had enough. I’d already suffered through one annoying character and I can’t be dealing with a second. Tanmoku Ki might be the most interesting character in this series but I don’t care enough about it to put up with any more of this so I’m signing off from Spiritpact and it gets a one star review for me being unable to finish it.



You Keika, the heir of an old famous family of Exorcists, is stricken with poverty after losing his parents and struggles as a street fortune teller and a part time computer tech. One night at a junkyard, he meets a mysterious and charismatic Exorcist, Tanmoku Ki, who is fighting an evil spirit. To compound his misfortunes, he gets hit by car and becomes a ghost. Tanmoku Ki appears and asks You Keika to make a “pact” with him to fight Evil Spirits together. Here starts the friendship of our heroes!

Tanmoku Ki brings You Keika along with him to the airport to pick up his beautiful fiancee named Shin Shiyou. The men drop off Shiyou at a nearby hotel but Tanmoku sends Keika up to give her a message. Keika discovers that Shiyou is not all she appears to be. She’s been hiding a part of herself from Tanmoku and an evil spirit uses that weakness to take advantage of her. With Tanmoku unable to rescue them, it’s up to Keika and Shiyou to figure their way out of the spirit dimension. Can they do it before Shiyou is overcome by the darkness in her heart?

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2 thoughts on “Spiritpact – Why I’m done with it”

  1. It’s entirely in your choice to hate the show (you have a right to your own opinion), but I thought you should know a couple of things about it:

    A. She – Tanmoku Ki’s fiance – doesn’t have time to play video games a lot. Also, YK used to work in the IT department, so he’s considerably decent at gaming and looking for hacks and stuff. Also, he’s not an idiot. They go on later in the show to explain why he was acting in such a way after he died. Maybe they could have executed it better, but it makes sense once you hear the whole picture.

    B. She actually is in love with Tanmoku Ki. For real. She acts like she’s not, and makes up a bunch of bullshit (the “mission” that you mentioned was just a lie), but she’s seriously in love with him. Her position is very fragile, and anybody from his family or himself can dismiss her if he/she is displeased with her (the future wife), so she needs to act really proper and official and make sure nothing she does doesn’t actually displease him, because she wants to stay by his side. She’s also not from a super prestigious family, so further sullying her name as being dismissed as a future wife wouldn’t give her much of a future. Again, I don’t remember if they explain all this so early in the show, but it shows up later.

    You Keika shows some serious character development, and becomes super strong too near the end of the first season. The wife doesn’t have a LOT of scenes after that, but they do give her a good explanation, and she’s only one of the side characters anyway (so her character wasn’t the most important.) Yes, spiritpact wouldn’t make my top twenty, but out of the hundreds of shows that I’ve seen, it’s a good anime and has it’s moments.

    1. Thank you for your comment and it’s interesting to hear how it improves.

      I will admit I wrote this while feeling very frustrated rather than giving myself time to think. It was also one of the first anime series I watched at a time when I was trying to find things that I enjoyed and kept running into the same themes and lack of women that could be related to.

      I’m really glad to hear that a lot of the things that I found irritating did have their reasons and if I ever run out of things to watch I might give it another shot.

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