Poco’s Udon World

Poco’s Udon World is about Souta Tawara who is 30 years old and returning to his hometown after his father’s death. Originally there to clear the restaurant and house ready for selling, he finds a small child sleeping in a pot in the restaurant. The child, soon to be named Poco, is actually a shape-shifting tanuki (Japanese raccoon dog) and Souta takes it upon himself to look after Poco.

The premise of the show is really quite sweet, Poco is adorable and he starts to prompt Souta to remember all the things he loved about his hometown.  I really like how each episode has been a new experience and a new character for Poco to meet, but I also like how it effects Souta and how you can see his emotions and thought being challenged. Whenever I watch an episode of this it always brings a smile to my face, not only for the amazing theme music but for the interaction, stories, and adventures.

As for the supporting characters; I’ve really enjoyed getting to know them. From Souta’s high school crush and her children, to his sister – a housewife who deals with the thoughts of whether her decision to not have children was the right thing, and his best friend who is a doctor struggling to communicate with his father. They all bring something to table and interact with Poco in their own unique way.

An absolutely adorable anime, it’s high on my list of recommendations especially for those wanting a safe entry to the media.

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