2016 – A quick recap

In 2015 I made a conscious decision to bring more balance to my life and bring back the reading that I used to enjoy so much. It went quite well and in 2016, and again this year, I decided to try and average 2 books a month. It sounds a lot but the plan was for one novel and one manga or comic book a month – I succeeded at reading 35 books last year.

I discovered some new authors in 2016, Sarah J. Maas being a new favourite and Natsuki Takaya who writes the Fruits Basket manga I adore. I tried some new genres such as the classic Anna Karenina (I really don’t recommend it), revisited Harper Lee’s To Kill A Mockingbird, and tried out Megan Lindholm’s Windsingers series. I adore Lindholm’s writing under her pseudonym of Robin Hobb so it was interesting seeing some of her other books. This year really was my year of manga though. I found three series I love; the aforementioned Fruits Basket, my guilty pleasure of Rosario+Vampire, and the rather fascinating Death Note. I still haven’t read any more Fullmetal Alchemist and I’ll be giving Black Butler a rest though I have heard it gets better.

I also sampled some anime this year. I got a free trial of Crunchyroll and recently subscribed to the service. I started watching the infamous Yuri On Ice!!! (sooooooo good), Attack on Titan (I’m mixed on this one), Poco’s Udon World (very cute), and Trickster. I’ve not finished any of them yet but it’s nice to have something different to watch. Some of these I found from friend recommendations but most, along with the others on my to-watch list, I stumbled across thanks to Anime Feminist.

As for tv, I’m now addicted to Supernatural. I’ve never watched it before but this year I’ve been burning through the series and I’m loving them. I found series three a bit odd but we’re on four and it’s back to what I remember. I also revisited Gilmore Girls, thanks in part to the revival – even if I wasn’t a massive fan of it. I started watching The OA in the past few weeks, which I’ve been enjoying, and I also enjoyed Stranger Things and kept up with The Walking Dead and Grey’s Anatomy.

With games I’ve really enjoyed Final Fantasy XIV and Final Fantasy XV. I’m also playing Rise of the Tomb Raider, which is good fun, as is dipping into Prison Architect and Civilization 6.

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