Fruits Basket

Over the past few months I’ve been reading the Fruits Basket manga series. I’ve been reading the collector’s edition of the series which encompasses two or three of the smaller volumes within it.

Recently, I finished volume three and I’m thoroughly enjoying the series. I liked how innocent the main character was and how cheery she can be while suffering so much pain in her life. Despite everything Tohru goes through she still has a smile on her face and is putting the needs of others before her own.

I really like how there’s more to it than that, though. Despite the innocent charm of the first few chapters there’s a darker undertone to the series and a hint that there’s something, much more than any of the characters realise, at stake.

I must say that I wish this had been the first manga series I had picked up. As it was I had a decent start but I would highly recommend this series to anyone that wanted to start reading manga! It has a compelling story and I’ve not come across any of the fan service elements that manga can be known for.

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