FFXIV Takes Over

It’s been a long time since I posted anything here, mainly because ever since I moved I’ve been caught up in the FFXIV world. I’ve not played any of the let’s plays I started (surprise, surprise) nor have I felt the inclination to review the books I’ve read, despite how good some of them have been.

Patch 3.4 is releasing for Final Fantasy XIV on Tuesday and in preparation for the new content, I’ve put together a little static group of eight to take on the new Savage raids! It’s really exciting and, in preparation for this, I’ve been levelling up my Dragoon. For probably nine months or so I’ve been playing a Summoner but my Dragoon is amazing and it’s a change I’m looking forward to making. I’ve been busy learning her rotation as she levels up (54 at the moment, only 6 more levels to go!) and then I’ve got to get her geared so she can access the new content. It looks like I’ll be doing the new MSQ with my Summoner as I don’t fancy waiting before doing the new content, but my DRG will be there soon enough!

I’m hoping to put a few details here about what we get up to, but in the meantime my DRG is all decked out in her Ironworks gear and I’m gonna go start on her 50 relic quest.

Ryala Chelewae Shiva FFXIV DRG

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