TWD S6, Ep6 – Always Accountable

If last week was all about Maggie then this week was most definitely about Daryl. We had a few moments of Sasha and Abraham but the main focus was most definitely Daryl – not that I hated it! I really like Daryl but I’m not sure how I feel about this focusing on a few characters each episode. I kind of like it because I feel we get more character development, but I am struggling to figure out where this episode fits in with what we saw last episode.

Actual episode spoilers below

So we start out with Sasha, Abraham and Daryl finally having got the bulk of the herd away and it’s time for them to spiral back to Alexandria. Nothing goes smoothly though and as they go through a village on their route back they’re shot at. Sasha and Abraham crash in their car, while Daryl has to wind his motorbike through some walkers while getting shot at and makes his way into a forest where he looses them. As Sasha and Abraham theorise, they weren’t there randomly. Those people with the guns and the cars seemed to be waiting for someone in particular, and they were pretty sure it wasn’t them.

Daryl meets, or rather gets captured by, the three people that were being hunted after hiding his motorbike. It seemed as though they had done a job and decided to go out on their own and they think Daryl is one of the ones trying to bring them back so they tie him up and steal his crossbow and put it in a bag of goodies. They take him with them on their way to somewhere they think is safe, only to find it overrun with walkers. Daryl managed to escape and steals the bag before one of the three – Tina – collapses. When he’s far enough away he finds a box of insulin and puts two and two together. Being the decent guy he is, he returns to give them the insulin and takes their weapon to ensure they won’t capture him again.

This time, the hunters arrive. We don’t know who they are but we got to see that they know what to do when one gets bit for they immediately chopped the guys arm off. They all have guns and I doubt they’re part of the wolves. For starters, the three strangers could see Daryl didn’t have a W in his forehead and the wolves have never had guns save those they stole from Alexandria. I think we’ve just seen the start of the next group. One of the survivors said “most people are willing to trade anything for safety” which makes me think that this group makes people work for them in return for a safe place to live.

Daryl helps the three of them escape and they head to a greenhouse, where Tina dies after breaking glass that had carefully cocooned two walkers. While they’re digging the graves, Daryl asks them the three questions from the previous season and tells them he knows of somewhere safe they can go. The two remaining survivors seem quite pleased and follow him back to his motorbike. They ask where he’s going and he explains that he’s got to go get his two friends that he left behind and he’s not sure if they’re alive. After exchanging looks, the two of them decide it’s too big a risk and steal both his crossbow and motorbike. Obviously frustrated, Daryl goes in search of the truck they had been after and finds it!

In the meantime Sasha and Abraham had holed up in a town waiting for Daryl to find them. Abraham seemed to work his way through whatever stress was getting to him and, after a small dance with death trying to get a rocket launched, seemed to accept that he didn’t have to fight for things all the time. After that realisation it was as if he was being given a sign and he got his rocket launch successfully. It seems as though something is going on between Sasha and Abraham, though she seems to be waiting for him to definitely be out of his suicidal mission before trying anything. I’m not sure how Rosita is going to take it either. I thought maybe she had feelings for him but then it was also possible that she was liking Spencer in the last episode too.

So the only thing left to talk about is the voice over the walkie! My immediate thoughts was Glenn (can you tell I’m waiting for that) but it could have been the guy who ran off with the motorbike as they had Daryl’s walkie too. Here’s hoping we find out about Glenn soon though as there’s only two episodes to go until the mid-season finale!

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