TWD S6, Ep5 – Now

Wow oh wow, what a busy week! With the internet switch over (hi superfast internet) and Fallout 4 coming out, along with a new expansion for Final Fantasy XIV my time to write has been severely limited! However, there is just enough time to get this post out before the new episode airs in America, and here in the UK tomorrow. So without further ado, a recap of last week’s episode of The Walking Dead.


This week, I found was pretty slow in comparison to the other episodes set in the present day. I thought it was on par with the one before it but nothing particularly surprised me. In fact, I think the only thing that did surprise me was Deanna’s reaction to the entire affair. At one point I was sure she was just going to commit suicide for not being able to deal with it any more; but let’s start from the beginning.

This episode, from the outset, was focused on Maggie. Although we saw Deanna at the start it was her watching Maggie get the news about Glenn. It was a little heartbreaking, before moving on to show Rick running back with all those walkers behind him. The herd finally arrived at Alexandria, something the comic fans among us might have be waiting for (I was). We then watched everything turn to chaos with people trying to loot, the medic struggling to believe she could do it, and Maggie deciding to go rescue Glenn. We’ve seen it once before, Maggie and Glenn trying to find each other but this episode it came to light that Maggie was pregnant – something that I had suspected when they talked about the reason why she wouldn’t go to deal with the herd in the very first episode. I thought it was really sweet how Aaron was looking after her, how he was already to go out and find Glenn and yet realised very quickly how Maggie couldn’t do that – once she told him the situation she was in. I thought you could tell, from the moment they got attacked in the sewers, that she knew she shouldn’t do it and yet really wanted to.

Nothing much else particularly stood out in this episode but there were a few character arcs, Carl had a slap fight with Ron; Jessie learned how to kill her neighbour and gave an inspiring speech; Rick kissed Jessie; Spencer became an alcoholic and Deanna began to toughen up. At the end of the episode we saw the wall bleed; I’ve seen some theories that it’s purely metaphoric but to me this said Alexandria is not impenetrable. The walls are weak, they have flaws, and if the walkers keep pushing on these weak points in the structure, as we know they will, soon the wall will fall and Alexandria will be overrun.

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