TWD S6, Ep4 – Here’s Not Here

A slower episode in terms of current day actions, but still a pretty decent episode. I keep expecting one to drop but instead they all seem pretty high. Maybe this season will be the season where every episode is as good as the last?!

Last chance spoiler warning for Season 6, Episode 4!

A Morgan-centric episode, so if you didn’t like the character of Morgan then you probably wasn’t the biggest fan of this episode. I like Morgan, more for who he is in the comic book than in the TV series, but I thought this episode was pretty well done. Despite the fact that it contained only two characters. Morgan and Eastman, I never felt that it was missing anything because of that. I liked the throwback to who Morgan was when we last saw him and how he came around from that to the person we meet in Season 5.

I found the entire episode to be quite interesting. Things like Morgan trying to escape through the window instead of just trying the door, trying to kill the man who had looked after him, just killing men regardless of whether they were dead or alive, and pulling himself back from the edge yet again. I felt like the actual crazy aspect of the writing wasn’t really explained at all, though I guess it was maybe just a side effect of his PTSD. I liked that it was given a name though and it made me wonder whether Rick is at the breaking point with his own PTSD. So much has gone wrong for him that he is bound to be suffering – I feel like he’s only one more devastation away from becoming that.

There’s not too much to speculate at from this episode. It was all pretty self contained but I liked it; hope you did too!

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