Ms. Marvel, Volume 3: Crushed

Love is in the air in Jersey City as Valentine’s Day arrives! Kamala Khan may not be allowed to go to the school dance, but Ms. Marvel is! Well sort of–by crashing it in an attempt to capture Asgard’s most annoying trickster! Yup, it’s a special Valentine’s Day story featuring Marvel’s favorite charlatan, Loki! And when a mysterious stranger arrives in Jersey City, Ms. Marvel must deal with…a crush! Because this new kid is really, really cute. What are these feelings, Kamala Khan? Prepare for drama! Intrigue! Romance! Suspense! Punching things! All this and more! The fan-favorite, critically acclaimed, amazing new series continues as Kamala Khan proves why she’s the best (and most adorable) new super hero there is! Plus, see what happens when S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Jemma Simmons goes undercover at Kamala’s school!

Volumes #12 – #15


I am struggling with this series now. I keep reading in the hope it gets better because it does show promise in certain issues but the volumes in general are sometimes a pain to get through. For this one, the Loki issue just seemed so pointless. I was waiting for it to have relevance but it really didn’t. I felt like it was thrown in last minute for the lack of anything better. After that it got better as the issues linked in to one another and a few twists began to show. By the end of the actual Ms Marvel issues I was at a point where I couldn’t put it down but the lack of continuity at the start really let the rating down on this one.

I’m enjoying the inhuman storyline’s but really wish there was less of the random issues that has been very prevalent and seem to stand out for the shocking lack of quality. In this volume is also a S.H.I.E.L.D. episode but again it is completely random and doesn’t appear connected to anything else at all. I didn’t enjoy the art style, and the art is just as important as the storyline quality, and it really didn’t make me want to pick up any of the S.H.I.E.L.D. comics at all. That also let the review of this volume downgrade as it just seemed pointless, yet again.

Anyway, if you’ve enjoyed any of the issues in the other comics you will enjoy this volume. The latter half of this volume is really good and does make you want to read volume 4, I’m just reaching the end of my tether on issues that seem to have no purpose in the development of the character.


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