TWD S6, Ep3 – Thank You

Well… This episode left me speechless and not necessarily in a good way. I want to avoid spoiler’s for those of you browsing or anyone seeing things that they don’t want to see so I plan to blabber just enough to cover the blurb up so no one gets spoiled about any major events.

Last chance spoiler warning for Season 6, Episode 3!

This episode started off with me expecting it to be yet another filler episode. I expected things to be pretty slow while the group made their way back to Alexandria but boy was I wrong! One by one the Alexandrian’s began to topple. I didn’t expect any of them other than Heath to survive so I guess it was a pleasant surprise to see another Alexandrian survive the trip back. But I don’t think I can go much longer without speaking about the biggest event of the episode. Did or didn’t Glenn die?!

So let’s put this in perspective; Glenn and Nicholas were in an alley, trapped between the horde of walkers, so they jumped on the top of the dumpster to save themselves. Well, for a time. Nicholas appeared to be having some form of PTSD or something and completely freaked out again; however, Nicholas cannot even commit suicide without putting another in danger. He shoots himself in the head, stunning Glenn with the noise and causing them both to fall off. I’m ninety-nine percent sure that Nicholas fell on top of Glenn so the moment that we saw what could have been Glenn being eaten, it could have been Nicholas too. It was entirely possible that Glenn might survive; though I’m not completely sure how. There’s a slim chance he might regain his composure and struggle under the dumpster they were previously on top of.

The only thing really of note in this episode was Rick getting his hand cut. It was bleeding like mad and even when he was attacked by the wolves Morgan let go, it hadn’t stopped. Not only that, but the horde came to the RV before Rick could get it working. I don’t think it’ll ever start in time for him, but I guess he could get on the roof of the RV. What that’ll accomplish I don’t know.

A brief warning comic spoiler but could we see Rick lose his hand too? That cut looked to be awful deep; the only difference to the comic is that when Rick did lose his hand it was his gun hand and he had to relearn how to use his guns. It was a major character development and I’m not sure we’ll get the same amount of development if this is when, how, Rick looses his hand – if he even does.

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