TWD S6, Ep2 – JSS

Small delay due to some internet issues, but hopefully that’s the end of it! Now down to this episode, just before the next one airs! JSS; those three letters pop up again and I wonder what we’ll find out about them this time. I’m looking forward to this episode but I’m slightly wary considering what went down in the previous one. Still, this is mainly filler text so people don’t get spoiled. It’s probably enough, time to delve into episode 2!

Spoilers for the second episode of Season 6 ahead!

This episode started off with a bit of a time warp, one that I wasn’t expecting. I was expecting to see what was going down in Alexandria while the others were out but instead we get a bit of back story of Enid. She definitely had a tough time of it and I liked seeing her writing JSS everywhere that she went. It didn’t matter to me that we didn’t know straight away, I figured we’d find it out in due time, but that JSS out of tortoise bones… EUGH! In the after episode interview the actress, Katelyn Nacon, mentioned that the time when Enid was eating the tortoise was maybe a week losing her parents – I think I’d be hungry enough to eat a tortoise too (though I still think I’d have cooked it first).

We then got to where I expected to be, with the Alexandrian’s while the others were away. I though it was fairly interested but expected it to pretty much be a filler episode – boy was I wrong! When the clock was ticking down, I knew something was going to happen but I didn’t expect that! A lot of profanity was expressed while watching all of that go down, it was entertaining and yet horrific all at the same time. The psycho-nut Wolves were hacking every one to pieces and I was absolutely flabbergasted while watching it. I loved the way Carol, Maggie and Carl all sprang to action; I liked the different dynamic between Morgan and Carol that was so entertaining – though I was sure he was about to walk out of Alexandria and give it up as a lost cause. Even Gabriel began to understand the word he lives in and seemed to want Morgan to be his jedi master.

In the end, we found out JSS stands for Just Survive Somehow which, according to Katelyn, was possibly something that her parents told her a lot and her motto. Katelyn seemed to confirm that we will see Enid again but I wonder who she actually is. It seemed to suggest that Enid was with the Wolves but after this episode I’m not so sure. There was a line where she said “This place is too big, that’s how we” before Carl cut her off, but then she had all the keys and referred to the Wolves as “them”. It’s possible that she wasn’t about to say “that’s how we got in”, my first assumption, but “that’s how we got out” referring to Season 5 when her and Carl escaped the confines of Alexandria without anyone knowing.

I’m not as certain Enid is with them, despite her disappearing at the same time. I used to think she was, and the beginning segment when she was debating even entering Alexandria also had me wondering if she was sent, but now – there are definitely two ways to interpret all of her actions. The Wolves had the backpack with them that Aaron left behind in Season 5 – it’s entirely possible that’s all they knew, but there are odd statements here and there like “you weren’t supposed to be here” and “we didn’t have a choice”. They could have scoped it out before Rick and his group arrived or been told by Enid that the majority of people wouldn’t be there; the same time, Enid might have been roped in by the not having a choice or they just meant it was the only way they could survive; kill or be killed. I’m still not 100% certain that Enid didn’t kidnap Judith! She was gone when Carl got back to the house and we never saw the baby monitor to see that Judith was still there. Enid was coming in that house, not knowing that Carl was definitely there so who knows.

Either way, we’ll hopefully have some more answers next week!

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