TWD S6, Ep1 – First Time Again

First time again, indeed! Season 6 is finally here and I get to review the series as I watch them (no delays on this series, I promise. This is one I’ll be watching on the night it airs). I’ve been looking forward to the new season and in the meantime keeping myself busy with re-watches and the comics books. But now, no need to delay any longer!

Spoilers for the first episode of Season 6 ahead!

This series started off how I hope it means to go on. I will admit, it was slightly confusing at first, with what seemed to be a time skip but as the episode went on and the flash backs began to arrive I thought it was pretty well done. Maybe the black and white aspect for the flashbacks was too much, to be honest it didn’t bother me. I had no issues with keeping everything in line time wise and, knowing that this series is dealing with a lot of time jumps, I hope they keep a coherent way of identifying segments of the past from the present.

Over the course of the episode, we got to see Rick’s group and the Alexandrian’s begin to work together. I found it quite interesting how convinced Deanna was that they would listen to Rick and deal with this, but also how no one really put up much of a fight. There was one guy who put up any resistance and, although we got to see why he came around eventually, I do wonder at there only being one ‘ringleader’. Maybe everyone else didn’t really mind, or saw the true in what was being said.

At the end of the previous season, Morgan arrived. We didn’t get to see his exact reaction to Rick’s killing of Pete Anderson but we did get sections a bit later on. I enjoyed the development, of the critique that Morgan didn’t – had never – known him and then the actions of Rick that showed that he still had what Morgan saw in him. It was also very funny that Morgan was the only one to see through Carol’s fa├žade, and how much that threw her off balance. Morgan is one of my favourite characters of the comics and I’ve enjoyed what the show has done with him too. I look forward to seeing more about how his went from crazy, kill everyone to zen, stick fighter though; and I wonder what happened to his friend that taught him it.

The other main thing that stood out for me was the Glenn-Nicholas dynamic. I worry sometimes that Glen isn’t hard enough for the world, but this episode showed me that maybe he’s found a way to have the trust in people while still being tough enough to survive if required. I think he saw that Nicholas had the potential for redemption, and he seemed to be on the track for that. He didn’t do enough for me to say that he deserves it now.

There were quite a few funny moments in this episode, from Eugene’s hair quip to Heath to Rick’s complete dismissal of Gabriel, which is bound to have consequences. I want to know what’s happening from the end of the episode (as everyone does). I watched the trailer, and the sneak peeks from Talking Dead, and I’m very curious about two things. 1, Who is blowing the horn; 2, What JSS means. We’ll find it all out next week but as far as stipulations go, I think the Wolves are related to the horn and what is going down there. I’m unsure if they’re going to be attacking directly or if they’ll have been monitoring what the group was doing – they knew where to go from the end of last season. As for JSS, the best I’ve got is Just Stay Safe, as a kind of reminder of whoever Enid lost.

A good start, and I really hope the season continues in this fashion.

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