Witcher 3 Decisions – Triss Merigold

I never played Witcher 2 but I knew the general situation that had occurred and the situation between them. It was a rather interesting main story but most of the details for the main storyline I’ll go through in a later decision post. This mainly deals with Triss’ romance quest.

If you haven’t met Triss or completed her storyline in Novigrad then be wary of spoilers.

From the start I knew I liked Triss. She had that little bit of sass that let you know she wasn’t going to be won over just by a pretty smile. There was history here and the outcome had hurt her. Obviously Geralt wasn’t very good at making choices in the past, even before I got hold of him. We were roped into a sticky situation with Dijkstra that, in short, brought us closer to together. After that storyline was complete, I decided to help her out and met her at her hideout in Novigrad.

As part of that storyline we went to a masquerade party to help smuggle a friend out of the city. The masquerade party was probably once of my favourite quests in the entire story. I enjoyed having that moment of pretence, playing lots of Gwent, and Triss enjoyed it too. After a beautiful scene by the fountain I made the decision that Geralt would kiss her. Obviously, they get interrupted, and she runs off into the mage. So we play a game of catch and went running after her where we meet the friend we’re going to smuggle out and swap masks. Because obviously a mask is the only thing these enemies will go off – not height or stature or anything else, just the mask.

After knocking them all out, Triss and Albert escaping on horses and I go to meet her later on in Novigrad and offer to help her evacuate the rest of the mages from Novigrad. On our way Triss realises that two mages haven’t appeared, Berthold and Annise, and I have to be the one to make the decision about whether to go find them. After assess the number of people relying on us I opted to not. It was imperative that these mages left Novigrad tonight and I couldn’t sacrifice all of them for two others. In retrospect, the only person who dies as a consequence of this is the innkeeper of the Kingfisher. Since he was required for a Gwent quest I hadn’t yet done I was semi glad of that decision!

After fighting my way through the sewers, and severely struggling to kill the silly Katakan, the mages make it out safety and as they all get on a boat I realise that this might be the end to Triss. During our last conversation I asked her to stay and told her I loved her but she seemed to still get on the boat. Feeling sad I returned to Dijkstra who sympathised with me, before telling me to turn around. Triss had decided to stay so we escaped to a lighthouse and had a wonderful time.

In the morning, I met up with Dijkstra who asked me to join in a plot of his. I said I’d think about it and carried on searching for Ciri. As for the end of the game. Well, I thought I’d have a point after this to make a decision to be with Triss for good. I wasn’t with her at the end of the game.

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