TGS: Final Fantasy XV

So excited for Final Fantasy still! I’m currently playing XIV again to get my Final Fantasy ‘fix’ until other games come out that I want to invest my time in (looking at you, Fallout 4). At TGS we learnt more about the story of XV; specifically how it involves Noctis’ father, King Regis, and the woman from the trailer, Luna.

The general involvement of King Regis’ is that in order to protect the kingdom of Lucis, King Regis created a magical barrier around the lands but by doing so, the magic he used ate away at his body. That weakness has left the kingdom vulnerable to the Nifelheim empire, which is now pressing forward onto Lucis.

For Luna, she’s an Oracle in Tenebrae where she is highly revered due to her ability to commune with the gods; oh and she’s also the youngest ever Oracle. We heard mention that she knew Noctis when they were younger, and had made a promise but there was no information on what that was. We were also known an image of a black-haired woman called Gentiana who will apparently play an important role in the game.

Aside from that we got a look at the fishing mini-game. It reminds me a little of XIV with the open world aspect of it. Still, only time will tell how good it is – or when we finally get to play it.

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