Rosario+Vampire, Volume 1

Tsukune’s going to have one heck of a hickey when he gets home from Monster High!

All-around average teenager Tsukune can’t get accepted to any high school save one…but on his first day he finds the rest of the student body doesn’t appear average at all. Best of all, the cutest girl on campus can’t wait to fling her arms around his neck! Wait a sec’–are those her teeth around his neck too…? Tsukune’s going to have one heck of a hickey when he gets home from Monster High! But does he have a chance in H-E-double-hockey-sticks of raising his grades at a school where the turf war isn’t between the jocks and the nerds but the vampires and the werewolves?

Lesson One: Vampires Quiz 1.
a. Run for your life and the sanctity of your soul
b. Invite her out for a strawberry soda, heavy on the syrup
c. Scream like a boy and hide in the principal’s office
d. Let her have a few sips while you check out her spectacular quadriceps


This isn’t my first trek into the world of manga, but it has been a long time since I read anything – at least 10 years – and with my renewed interest in comics I figured it was a good time to jump back into manga as well. I picked this up for two reasons – the first, was that it had a name I recognised as being a decent story and the second, the cover. I wanted something that I recognised from what I used to read – a high school, kind of silly, drama. It’s what I wanted and it’s what I got.

Three of the four story-lines within this volume involve a female monster becoming obsessed with the main guy, Tsukune Aono, because he smells ‘good’. Since it’s a monster high school, and everyone has to keep their human form, I guess it doesn’t occur to anyone that he is actually human. It’s an almost cliché story, or at least what I expected of a manga story, but that’s not to say it suffers for that. From what I have read I’m happy to pick up the next one and I did put the book down wanted to delve into the next chapter.

It’s not serious by any means, but it made me laugh, smile, and generally see what troubles happen next when you’re the only human in a school full of monsters that you didn’t realise were real. I get the vaguest hint that maybe there’s a bigger picture – a reoccurring character that seems intriguing – but if that doesn’t pan out then I won’t be disappointed. I’d recommend it to people who want to get started with manga and have a certain expectation. I found it an easy one to pick up the right-to-left reading style. If you want something other than high school, or don’t like dating story-lines then this isn’t for you.


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