Avengers, Volume 2: The Last White Event

The world is about to be transformed, elevated to an advanced state, but something has gone disastrously wrong. Now, the Earth stands on the brink of the Last White Event that will bring about the end of life as we know it. Can the Avengers save the planet before it’s too late? Plus, the New Adam is transformed, and his true self revealed, and Starbrand, the most dangerous hero on Earth is created.

Also, A.I.M. (Advanced Idea Mechanics) have a deadly new bioweapon and are open for business. It’s up to Shang-Chi and the Avengers to pull off the ultimate sting in order to secure the weapon and stop it being sold to the highest bidder.

Volumes #7 – #11


Although I really enjoyed most of the issues in this volume, I found it to be severely let down by the last two. The majority of the comics involve the avenger’s dealing with New Adam and the creation of Starbrand. It’s interesting seeing someone be ‘picked’ from the millions of the people on the planet and then be thrown immediately into destruction and devastation – so powerful that even the avenger’s struggle to support and battle with him. It also brought to light what had gone ‘wrong’ with the defensive system that was supposed to take place – an interesting twist. The problem was that as soon as you learn about this interesting detail you’re switched to another storyline entirely. The new storyline deals with the remains of what occurred in the last volume so it’s interesting enough. However, that only lasts a single issue and then you’re onto something else again that seemingly has no relevance at all to anything you’ve just read. It was a very disjointing experience.

If I didn’t know that this series was part of a bigger picture, I’m not entirely sure that I would carry on reading them. I don’t enjoy the disjointed experience that this volume presented. However, as it was only the last two issues that were really a problem, I probably will pick up volume 3 and given it a third chance. It wasn’t inherently bad and each did bring something interesting about the avenger’s it was following, I just think it suffers from too big of a cast – or maybe starting off too many threads without linking them. Either way, we’ll see what the next one brings.


Secret Wars Placement

  • New Avengers #5-6
  • Avengers #6
  • Avengers #7-11
  • Avengers #12-13
  • New Avengers #7

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