FtWD S1, Ep2 So Close, Yet So Far

Episode two of this series wasn’t as strong as episode one, for me. I found that I was getting very, very frustrated with the actions of the counsellor, Madison. Fair enough, she’s a bit horrified about what’s going on and she struggles to come to terms with some of the things that are going on – and let’s face it, it’s a lot to deal with – but I failed to understand why she didn’t explain any of this to her daughter, Alicia. As a result, Alicia wasn’t understanding anything that was going on around her. She didn’t get why her parents were worried for her or were suddenly changing and got understandably annoyed at them. I was sat there getting so mad at Madison for not telling her daughter what was going on. Even if you’re struggling to come to terms with it, and are having to deal with a detoxing son, just tell her what you can!

On another note, I did enjoy the school scene and really hope we get to see more of Tobias – he might be considered odd and paranoid in our society now, but he’s the only one with the foresight or how bad it’s going to get. I don’t think he’s mentioned as a main cast member, but I hope he becomes one and doesn’t end up killed! I also really like Travis and felt he handled the entire situation quite realistically. He managed to cope with this changing world, but also did what Madison didn’t, and told his ex-wife, Liza, what he could to convince her they had to leave.

I do wonder if the other family they met will end up joining them – if they manage to make it out of their situation without any fatalities. We already know how groups can join together from The Walking Dead and it’ll be interesting to see how fast that happens and whether Travis will be the Rick of this group. I really hope Madison doesn’t turn out to be the tv-series Andrea of this series.

Overall, not a bad episode but I didn’t find it as appealing as the first. It didn’t leave me desperately hungering after the next one and the annoyance of Madison and Alicia definitely soured my experience.

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