FtWD S1, Ep1 Pilot

I finally got around to watching the first episode of Fear the Walking Dead. Wow, just wow.

It started off with a bang, I thought maybe it would turn out to be some sort of prank or filming of a show or something; but no, it started as it intended to go on. There was no build up to the events actually occurring – it was already happening when the show started. That was quite interesting, and negated a lot of the problems that pilot shows had. I thought it was a little bit slow in places; a lot of wandering around the school, but overall it was pretty well.

There were a fair few cliché moments, moments where you knew exactly what had happened, but I like that it played off that on occasions by making you think one thing had happened when in actuality it was something else. This show has, what in theory seems to be a difficult task, of taking an event that has already occurred and filling in the gaps. Most media that have tried to do that suffer from not making it exciting and offering nothing other than what is expected. Fear the Walking Dead knows that, it plays off that to a certain extent.

I felt this episode mainly focused on the character of Nick, the elder son who has a drug problem, and I thought the actor, Frank Dillane (who also played Tom Riddle in Harry Potter) did a magnificent job of portraying how coming across the Walking Dead while coming off a high could mess with your mind even more. The not knowing if it was real or just a side effect of the drugs, knowing a death occurred but bodies not being there when other people come back.

The episode definitely ended on a high and I can’t wait to devour episode two!

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